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Petland pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Petland Application

Pet stores routinely need new workers to care for animals, organize shelves, unload shipments, sell products and merchandise, and supervise entry-level employees. Individuals in search of work with Petland may access hiring forms online as printable paper applications or traditional digital documents. However, while both methods prove equally effective, downloading and printing the employment requests as opposed to using standard electronic submissions offers certain advantages. Printable forms allow more time to fill in required information.

The downloadable PDF version also necessitates meeting with managers face-to-face. Instead of digitally sending the forms into online inboxes, workers must hand over hiring requests personally. Motivated job seekers often use the opportunities to press management for information regarding general expectations at work, typical pay scales, and avenues for career advancement. Prospective employees should note managers maintain busy schedules. Only visit locations to hand in documents during slower business hours.

How to Fill out the Petland PDF Application

Individuals must fill in every required field in order to gain consideration for positions desired. The two-page document breaks down into four categories of information, with red headers separating each segment. Data fields include charts, check boxes, and lines for candidates to write in personal details, contact information, work histories, and education histories. Complete the printable forms using legible handwriting and blue or black pen.

“Personal Information”
Placing the date at the top of the forms, applicants provide names, phone numbers, and current addresses. The section also asks candidates to indicate legal authorization to work in the United States and verify age as at least 18. Job hopefuls should note the chain may ask for proof of age and citizenship. A final prompt asks for individuals to reveal prior felony convictions and provide the circumstances surrounding the offenses, if applicable.

“Employment Desired”
Six blank spaces appear in the Employment Desired section asking candidates for the specific job title sought after, first date available to start, salary expectations, and weekly availability (in hours). Prospective associates must also place checkmarks on the lines indicating full-time or part-time desired employment status.

The following section details candidate education histories. Workers complete the chart offering lines for the names of high schools, colleges, and/or trade or vocational institutions attended, years completed, and areas of study at each academic level. Petland PDF applicants may omit any schools or organizations offering clear indications of races, religions, genders, or age.

Applicants encounter a question regarding backgrounds with pets and other hobbies or interests related to positions desired at the head of the Experience section. The printable hiring form provides three lines for workers to go into detail. Individuals in need of more space may attach separate sheets of paper to the documents. Workers then find a chart containing data fields for up to four past employers beginning with current or most recently held jobs. The form requires the names and addresses of the companies, dates employed, pay rates, specific positions, and reasons for leaving. Petland asks potential employees for permission to contact current or most recent jobs as references and to leave the phone numbers for the places of business on the line provided. However, candidates may opt out of sharing such information.

Below the chart sits a prompt about gaps in employment. Individuals without major gaps in employment histories may skip the section or write “N/A” on the lines. The form proceeds to ask for two references outside of family relations. Place referent names, addresses, phone numbers, occupations, and years known on the appropriate lines. Sign and date the documents to certify the information provided and agree to terms.