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How to Get a Job at PetSmart

PetSmart stores provide a varied selection of employment opportunities. From traditional retail jobs, like cashier and manager, to more specialized positions, such as bather and pet care associate, employees perform a variety of functions vital to the success of the largest specialty pet retailer in the nation. To ensure the hiring of workers committed to serving the needs of animals and customers alike, the company takes an in-depth approach to interviewing candidates. Most interviewees meet with various levels of management at least twice. Interviews generally vary in format and length depending on the nature of the position for hire.

Entry-Level Interviews

Entry-level jobs typically necessitate two interview sessions, each ranging from 15 to 30 minutes in duration. Candidates usually face the operations manager first before interviewing with the store manager at another time. The interviewer often opens the meeting by asking, "Why PetSmart?", expecting applicants to be prepared with a specific or unique answer. Interview subjects should also be ready to discuss personal involvement with animals or pets and any work experience related to the job opportunity.

Animal-Related Job interviews

For positions requiring the constant handling of animals, candidates may need to disclose fears of any dog breeds or animal species. Interviewers frequently ask hypothetical, retail-oriented questions like: "What would you do if a customer asked you a question and you didn't know the answer?" and "How would you sell a dog training class to a customer?" Hiring managers may also go beyond asking and require interviewees to simulate selling a randomly chosen product after studying the item for a few minutes. Applicants often must take a drug test immediately following the second interview.

What to Expect During Managerial Interviews

PetSmart follows a slightly different routine when hiring for management positions. Potential managers typically complete up to four rounds of interviews held over the phone and in front of a panel of store managers, district managers, or human resources administrators. Over the course of the interviews, the retailer wants to see that candidates are proficient in all areas of retail operations, including customer service, employee development, and inventory management. Interviewers often make complex inquiries featuring multiple parts, such as:

  • "Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult coworker or customer. What was the outcome? How could you have handled the situation differently?"
  • "How can you ensure every customer is 100% satisfied with every visit?"
  • "How do you best develop employees?"
Stores may also ask prospective managers to give an on-the-spot demonstration of their selling skills during the interview. The interview process usually takes between two weeks and two months for managerial applicants to complete.

Tips For Success

Inexperienced job seekers should keep in mind that PetSmart hiring managers typically favor individuals with experience caring for pets. Interviewers also look for applicants possessing self-motivation and dedication. Aspiring team members should remain professional during the interview and keep consistent eye contact with the interviewer. Applicants should dress presentably and shake hands with the hiring manager at the commencement and conclusion of the job interview. Retail experience and strong customer service skills also benefit workers during the hiring process.

PetSmart Cashier Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
PetSmart Cashier: I’m a cashier at PetSmart, so I guess my primary duties are just to check people out in line and maintain the customer happiness. So, just make sure there’s not a long line, keep them happy. They want us to greet people when they come in, make sure it’s a good, safe environment.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
PetSmart Cashier: PetSmart is one of the best job atmospheres I’ve ever had. It’s really fun. I mean, the customers all come in, they’re having fun, pets with them, or they’re shopping for their pets, makes them happy. That’s really great, and there are pets in the store, so that’s fun. Then, also the people that work there usually are pretty passionate about their job, so they’re usually into their work, they’re not complaining, and a lot of them have worked other places. They chose to work at PetSmart, so they’re not looking for other jobs there and are content working there. Just make sure the customers and pets there are happy. It’s a good job environment.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
PetSmart Cashier: Obviously, playing with the dogs that come in and playing with all the animals people bring in. There are a lot of opportunities for community service there. Cat adoptions. PetSmart brings in cat and dog adoptions, then all the cats in the adoption program are adoption only, so they don’t sell any, so that makes me really happy, since it helps save animals’ lives.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
PetSmart Cashier: They just want to know… definitely want to know your experience. If you’ve had experience in the pet industry, that’s very helpful. So, any dog training… if you’ve had pets, you know how to take care of a fish tank, because it’s actually really complicated. So, having that knowledge is important. They just want people who are passionate about the pets and the industry and who are going to be good team players, because there’s a lot of teamwork in the store. Then, also I think they just want to make sure you’re responsible. They’re not looking for exactly a cookie cutter kind of person, but someone who is more interesting and kind of has the quirks to work at a pet store.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
PetSmart Cashier: I would say just be yourself, and just be personable, and also make sure you’re responsible and you can work with a variety of people. There’s so many customers in PetSmart. There’s the crazy cat lady, then the rich businessman buying expensive dog food for his fancy dog. So, you have to be able to talk to all of them. People that work there should really care about the animals, so make sure that comes through.

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  • Courtney says:

    Any specific questions that I should be ready for at an interview for PetsMart??

  • Trent Steinbart says:

    I was told that I needed to be 16 and that I could apply online for petsmart jobs?

  • cody says:

    Would it be weird to apply online and attach a resume. And then walk into the store with interview clothes on and hand in a written one?

    • Mona says:

      Some places tell you to apply online, but I would do it online and then print it out and take it to the store, do both
      It can’t hurt

  • Megan says:

    What do the petsmart interviewers want to know about me? And if I take care of my own animals, but don’t groom them personally, can I still get a job there?

  • ASHLY says:

    What is the starting pay, or entry level pay rate?

  • Sarah says:

    If you don’t have any pets, do you think you still would have a chance to work there?

  • Tessa says:

    Is Petsmart flexible on hours? Im looking for a job but I already have some sports related commitments.

  • Scott says:

    I am a former Presentation Manager at Petsmart and along with my initial interviews I conducted many interviews throughout my time there. If applying for a management position I would recommend showing up for the interview in business professional clothing, non-management positions business casual is acceptable. I make it a habit to always bring a copy of my resume regardless of the job I am apply for.

    A passion for animals is definitely a plus and will be a question during the interview. The job requires a lot of product knowledge so be sure to show an ability and willingness to seek out answers customers may ask. Past retail or customer service experience really stands out as well.

    Starting pay for part time associates is minimum wage based on your state. Hourly management wages are determined by a scale based on the number of years of management experience you have. The pay range for Presentation Manager is $11.00 to $15.00 if I am remembering correctly. All hourly managers except for Support Manager receive guaranteed 5 hours of overtime each week.

    For part time associates Petsmart is very flexible with schedules. With any job however, a restricted schedule may reduce the likelihood of receiving an offer of employment.

  • Christy says:

    During the first interview I was asked questions along the lines of “If someone came up to you and asked you a question you do not know the answer to how would you handle the situation?”, “You see a customer looking at pet collars/leashes. How would you go about helping them pick the right one?”, and “Describe a time when you had multiple things to do. How did you handle the situation, and did you finish all of your tasks early, on time, or past the deadline?”. You should be completely honest with all of your answers. They told me that they want responsible, positive, energetic employees that genuinely care for animals. They also said that they had people apply that tried to act like they had a passion for animals. You can’t fake passion to a person who is truly passionate. If you already have experience with pets and/or working in a pet supply store, then awesome! If not, check into volunteering for a local pet rescue or even volunteering in a pet supply store. You could also start off as a volunteer at PetSmart and in time it could turn into you being one of the first people called in for an interview, if not the only person they have in mind to hire on. Good luck!

  • Kenneth says:

    I had an interview for PetSmart yesterday. The questions will vary store to store, but it was a friendly and positive experience. The first manager who interviewed me asked problem-solving questions that related to past experiences, such as “when was a time you had to come up with a creative solution to a problem” and “when was a time you had to multitask and how did you handle it?” I was also asked why I wanted to work at PetSmart. The first guy then left and another manager came in. She was a bit older and more direct and business-like but was very nice. She asked similar questions and asked about my availability. She then invited me to ask her some questions. I asked her what her favorite part of the job was, what type of roles were involved, etc. The interview was about twenty minutes in length, and they said they would contact successful applicants in the next couple of days. So we’ll see! It was yesterday so I could be contacted sometime tomorrow or the day after, but overall the interview was a positive experience and I really appreciated their friendliness. Hope this helps!

    • Lizzzzz says:

      Kenneth did you get hired? I had a petsmart interview yesterday and I could not stop taking about how much I love snakes and we got into his story age whatever…he said he’d call me in a couple days to meet the other manager…im biting my nails here

      • Lizzzzz says:

        By his I meant my snake snakes story lol

    • Kellyann Hahn says:

      Where you nervous for the interview

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