Pick ‘n Save Job Interview Questions & Tips

Company Overview

Regional Wisconsin supermarket chain Pick 'n Save offers great hospitality and gives each customer individualized attention. The grocery retailer offers an array of careers in customer service, kitchen production, pharmacy services, baked goods, and management. Each department team requires a vast assortment of skills and abilities. The company conducts unique, in-depth hiring processes in order to find people with the desired qualities like generosity and efficiency.

Entry-Level Interview Process

For entry-level store careers, including customer service representative, clerk, bagger, and cashier job titles, applicants face a basic interview. Typically a 1:1 question and answers session with a store manager, the interview features basic questions meant to judge personality and competency. Candidates applying for cashier positions may need to take basic math tests during interviews. For some positions, applicants may face phone interviews prior to live interviews.

Questions for Entry-Level Candidates

Applicants often need to respond to basic inquiries including:

  • "What can you contribute to Pick 'n Save?"
  • "What are some of your strengths?"
  • "What do you like about Pick 'n Save?"
  • "Describe a time when you helped someone solve a problem."

Management Interviews

Management hopefuls face in-depth interview processes with Pick 'n Save meant to test leadership and customer service skills. In a managerial interview, an applicant usually needs to describe career interests, performance history, and job skills. Interviews may conclude with salary negotiations.

Questions for Managerial Candidates

Specific questions applicants may face include:

  • "What is your biggest weakness?"
  • "Have you ever had to say no to a customer? Why?"

How to Make a Good Impression

Job seekers should arrive dressed in casual business attire. Questions should be answered with thoughtful and honest responses that reflect customer focus. If possible, job hunters also want to bring up any relevant work skills, hobbies and interests, and volunteer and work experience. Applicants should exhibit positive demeanors and passion for customer care. At the conclusion of the interview, an applicant should thank the interviewer for the opportunity. If not given a job offer on the spot, applicants may wait a few days after the interview and call to inquire about hiring status. Showing persistence and continued interest in working with Pick 'n Save often puts applicants ahead of the competition.


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