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Hiring process information for an interview at Piercing Pagoda

Hiring Process Overview

A leader in the jewelry store industry, Piercing Pagoda offers a host of careers at the store and regional levels as well as in the company head offices. Committed to hiring great people, the company performs specialized screening process for store jobs, corporate careers, and college graduate recruitment. The retailer commonly screens for include jewelry consultant, jeweler, assistant store manager, store manager, district manager, and merchandising planner roles. Hiring personnel look for bright, energetic, and performance-driven individuals to fill positions.

Navigating the Interview Process

During the Piercing Pagoda job interview process, interviewees may need to participate in background checks and drug tests to garner employment consideration. According to position, interview subjects may attend numerous sessions of group or panel, one-to-one, and telephone interviews. A face-to-face interview typically consists of 10 to 12 basic questions. Interview questions cover several subject fields, such as customer service, jewelry sales, education, and jewelry store operations. Applicants applying for customer-focused careers with the jewelry retailer often need express sales achievements and provide detailed customer service success stores. The interviewer may also engage in small talk with candidates in order to evaluate personality and guest care skills.

How to Stand Out

Applicants should show up to the Piercing Pagoda job interview wearing business formal garb congruent with the highly professional attire store employees wear. Throughout the hiring process, candidates should keep all answers truthful and direct. To impress store recruiters, job hopefuls should convey deep understanding of the jewelry industry. Within two weeks of the final interview, applicants should contact a personnel manager to evaluate standing for the position.

Common Interview Questions

Questions applicants may face in the Piercing Pagoda interview process include:

  • "How would you deal with a customer that is difficult to handle?"
  • "What is the one thing you like best about your previous jobs?"
  • "What was your least favorite thing about your last job?"
  • "When inundated with work, how do you prioritize tasks to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner?"

3 user comments:

  1. Dionne Jones

    What is the dress code?

  2. Dean Galgano

    Can I work there even though I’m only 17 and a half? I am very passionate about jewelry and have 18 piercings myself so I know a lot about this sorta stuff
    Even if its not piercing can I still get a job?

    1. Makayla

      It may just be the Piercing Pagoda I work next to, but typically stores that handle Jewelry tend to hire applicants 18 and up. And while they do Pierce ears, they will want someone who looks professional (ear piercings are fine, but facial piercings would need to be subtle, for lack of a better word), and must dress well for the job (nothing fancy, just a nice blouse/button down shirt and nice jeans/slacks as well as comfortable shoes)
      But you should go to your closest piercing Pagoda and ask them what their specific requirements are, as the examples I gave are just what this one here requires


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