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Known for more than 600 travel centers across the United States and Canada, Pilot Flying J delivers fuel and rest services to travelers. The growing travel center chain employs more than 25,000 workers who help generate over $30 billion annually in revenue.

Facts About Working at Pilot Flying J

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Pilot Flying J?)

Available Positions: Retail and Restaurant Cashier, Cook, Prep Cook, Sandwich Artist, Coffee Host, Maintenance Technician, Shift Supervisor, Travel Center Assistant Manager, Travel Center General Manager, Restaurant Assistant Manager, Restaurant General Manager, Convenience Store Manager, Fuel Transport Driver, Regional Facility Maintenance Technician, Housekeeper

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Pilot Flying J Job Opportunities

Booming with business, the privately owned Pilot Flying J offers job seekers a dense collection of jobs which continues to grow. The travel center chain began in 1958 and offers a range of well-known dining options in addition to maintaining a proprietary restaurant brand. In addition to restaurant opportunities, the company sustains job opportunities through the fueling and convenience sections of each store. With traditionally high turnover rates, individuals looking for employment may find an abundant series of openings featuring competitive salary options.

Entry-level jobs available require flexible schedules, as workers with more experience in the company retain preference for scheduling. Both newly hired part- and full-time employees work holidays, weekends, and nights. Promotions become available over time, which career-minded job hunters may find suitable. High school diplomas or GEDs prove unnecessary, although a candidate in possession of either document stands out to employers. Employment contenders must meet the minimum requirement of 18 years of age to commence working.

Pilot Flying J Positions and Pay

The number of travelers in need of showers, money orders, fuel, or hot food increases over time, and Pilot Flying J stations continue to sprout along busy highways as a result. Although jobs remain limited to customer service positions, the growing need stimulates ample openings for work. Among other entry-level jobs, employment pursuers may find the following positions desirable:

Retail and Restaurant Cashier

  • Cashiers guide customers through the check-out process.
  • The travel center values cashiers with first-rate listening skills as well as the ability to efficiently act on orders from management.
  • In addition to operating cash registers, associates maintain store inventory and ensure clean environments for the satisfaction of customers.
  • Prior experience in the customer service field, especially in team-oriented settings, remains a highly desirable trait for the company.
  • Pilot Flying J customer service representatives earn between $8.00 and $11.00 per hour based on experience and performance.

Coffee Host

  • Also known as coffee servers, hosts drive sales through coffee bar maintenance and execution.
  • Coffee hosts prepare hot beverages, such as coffees, cappuccinos, and teas in addition to upholding a customer-oriented atmosphere.
  • Hosts deliver superior customer service by way of coffee recommendations combined with approved suggestive selling techniques.
  • During downtime, coffee servers assist retail cashiers in daily duties, which include maintaining cleanliness and stock of inventory.
  • Coffee bar experts typically earn between $9.00 and $10.00 hourly, along with potential for cash bonuses and raises.

Deli Team Member

  • Working in one of the food-service settings, deli team members prepare food, maintain work environments, and interact with customers.
  • The position requires attention to safety along with hasty customer service.
  • Experience in food service and the ability to work on a team provide the best chances for landing a food-service job with Pilot.
  • On average, deli team members receive $8.00 an hour for compensation.

Tips For Applying

Two application options persist for Pilot Flying J. The online application directs candidates to rank and apply for two positions. Applicants proceed to answer more than 50 questions pertaining to personality and potential fit for employment. A brief, five-question math test follows the questionnaire. Overall, submission may take up to an hour depending on depth of employment history and educational background. As the second option, in-store applications remain available for individuals seeking a classic approach. Paper applications afford the chance to speak to hiring staff, which proves a beneficial tactic for edging out competition. However, the advantage may diminish if visiting applicants behave or dress inappropriately.

Application Status

Pilot Flying J conducts open interviews, which may prove difficult for interviewees without practice. With an influx of interviews, hiring staff look for potential hires to stand out. A winning attitude may entail a passion for hard work or a demonstration of excellent job execution in the past without appearing arrogant. Hiring managers may overlook individuals who fail to make eye contact, dress inappropriately, or possess poor attitudes. Generally, applicants receive feedback within one to two weeks. Most stores only call intended hires; however, individual stores may keep applications on hand for later dates if vacancies arise.

Benefits of Working at Pilot Flying J

The gas station chain offers a multitude of employee benefits for eligible full-time workers reaching 30-day tenure, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental, and
  • Vision coverage as well as tuition reimbursement

Along with an extensive training program, the company makes flexible spending accounts and adoption assistance available to qualified workers. All associates enjoy options for 401(k) retirement plans with matching contributions. Part-time workers remain entitled to choose from two plans of medical coverage, which become available after 30 days of employment. Upon 12 months of employment, part-time laborers may also obtain dental and vision coverage.

Further Information about Pilot Flying J

To drive the success of workers, the company offers many unique training programs. The peak of such training lies with the Pilot Flying J University. Located at company headquarters in Knoxville, TN, the university strives to mold management into knowledgeable customer service experts. The curriculum entails financial, operational, and leadership skills along with team-building activities. Dedication to the education and growth of workers ensures the continued expansion of the rest-stop chain.


  • Shawn Jones says:

    I worked for the company for 2 nearly 3yrs and found it to be a great place of employment. The staff held a exceptional team of positive people that treated personnel and customers with respect It’s a great place to work and I found it to be a wonderful experience I would truly enjoy working with them again.

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