Pilot Flying J Interview Tips

Customer Service and Management Opportunities

With over 500 locations nationwide, Pilot Flying J operates as one of the largest travel centers in the gas station industry. The company looks to fill a multitude of employment opportunities in the field of customer-service as well as opportunities in fuel station management. Candidates may submit hiring requests either online or in-person at a local travel center. Recruiters often reach out to candidates via telephone to schedule initial interviews.

Navigating the Hiring Process

Promising candidates attend 1:1 or panel interviews with multiple managers. Applicants should expect to attend one or two 1:1 interviews for entry-level jobs. The entire hiring process may take anywhere from one and four weeks to complete, depending on the position sought. Most entry-level job hopefuls encounter a single interview and spend less than a week going through proper procedure.

Questions to Expect

Common inquiries posed during Pilot Flying J interviews include:

  • "What would you do to go above and beyond in providing customer service in order to encourage patrons to revisit your location?"
  • "Are you available to work varied shifts?"
Some candidates receive job offers after the first meeting.

Managerial Interviews

Managerial candidates typically experience a more drawn out hiring process starting with phone screening and moving onto two or three face-to-face meetings with various corporate higher-ups. The employment process tends to last up to four weeks. Some potential associates spend a day shadowing current managers to get a feel for daily tasks and responsibilities. Typical interview questions applicants field at managerial interviews include:

  • "Can you describe how you would deal with a problem that needs immediate attention?"
  • "What would you do if your overnight shift supervisor called off just hours before their shift began?"

Tips for a Successful Interview

Pilot Flying J hires applicants with the ability to maintain a customer-focused culture. Job seekers who show an aptitude for team-oriented work, self-motivation, and remarkable guest care abilities may stand out above more inexperienced workers. Endeavor to maintain relaxed eye contact with each interviewer and answer each question displaying any prior knowledge of the industry, if possible. While most job hopefuls gain employment at the conclusion of the interview, other candidates may need to follow-up with a manager several days after the meeting to confirm job status.


  • Lisa says:

    Hi I have an upcoming interveiw as a coffee hostess for flying jay. Can any one tell me what I would be doing if i get this job? and how much does it pay? and also what should i wear to the interview?

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