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Owned by the Rave Restaurant Group, Pizza Inn proudly serves customers in about 12 countries. Entry-level job seekers find consistent employment with the pizza chain every year, as the company continues to grant franchise rights to qualified entrepreneurs.

Facts About Working at Pizza Inn

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Pizza Inn?)

Available Positions: Driver, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Pizza Maker, Pizza Cutter, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Pizza Inn application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Pizza Inn Job Opportunities

Serving pizza since 1958, Pizza Inn originally opened as a small shop in a joint effort between two brothers in Dallas, TX. The prominent restaurant chain maintains a traditional menu featuring diverse pizza options, chicken wings, sandwiches, pasta, and even adult beverages at several restaurants. Some locations offer pizza and salad-bar buffets adding to the appeal of the Italian-inspired eatery. Multiple aspects of service and diverse menus call for teams of employees to carry out daily responsibilities. Workers regularly find work in food preparation, customer service, and basic sanitation jobs. Careers also remain available within the corporate structure of the company, though a majority of openings across the chain persist as entry-level. Corporate and managerial careers usually require additional experience.

Service industry workers must display adept customer service traits. Job offers remain plentiful for individuals with social adaptability and hardworking personalities. Pay for most positions available often relies on customer gratuities, which further promotes customer service as an essential focus of each job. If hired, workers usually receive varied schedules, which include weekend and holiday shifts. New-hires receive paid training featuring a range of cross-over duties like pizza creation, delivery driving, and serving. Most subordinate positions remain ideal for individuals in school, as the jobs allow for flexible scheduling. Promotions may prove accessible over time if associates display aptitude for management and desire full-time employment.

Pizza Inn Employment Options and Wage Information

Some basic qualifications may persist depending on the position. Although workers with high school educations may gain advantages over individuals without such credentials, the company often hires candidates lacking diplomas or equivalents. Prior experience also remains desirable, though not required. Generally, job aspirants 16 years of age or older may work for the pizza franchise. The entry-level jobs and careers most often available follow in the list below:


  • Typically part-time roles, server jobs attend to guest needs by filling food and drink orders.
  • Employees must maintain clean, hygienic appearances and display friendly, personable character traits.
  • Workers focus on the wellbeing of customers and benefit from tips based on service.
  • Recognizing and politely engaging frequent customers becomes a requirement over time.
  • As some locations offer buffet-style eating, servers remain in charge of the constant upkeep of buffet food and cleanliness of surrounding areas.
  • Additional cleaning duties may prove necessary during the day, while a final cleaning initiative takes place at the end of shifts.
  • Average pay for servers falls below minimum wage, as tips provide a major contribution of wages.

Delivery Driver

  • Pizza delivery drivers also rely heavily on tips from customers for compensation.
  • Usual duties involve checking orders for accuracy, navigating routes to customer locations, and providing excellent customer service upon arrival.
  • As driving remains the central focus of the job, employees must possess valid driving certifications as well as up-to-date car insurance and clean driving records.
  • Drivers should possess basic math skills to provide change when necessary.
  • Managers expect drivers to obey traffic laws and deliver food on-time in addition to helping in restaurant kitchens wherever needed during slow hours.


  • Manager salary options vary based on experience, performance, and location.
  • However, many general managers earn around $50,000 annually, while subordinate managers make up to $35,000 a year.
  • Managers hire and schedule employees, oversee location operations, order inventory, and record sales reports.
  • Additional duties entail covering shifts for absent workers, disciplining insubordinate employees, and ensuring customer happiness.
  • Assistant managers work as part of the staff, while also attending to managerial duties handed down by general managers.
  • Assistant managerial staff should expect full restaurant operation responsibility once or twice a week to relieve general managers for off days.

Tips For Applying

The pizza chain exclusively offers paper applications for submission at any of the 300 locations spread across the globe. Candidates save time by readying lists of past employers and educational experiences. Only provide relevant experience or skills in the Additional Qualifications section of the application. Also, remember to sign and date the bottom of the form, as recruiters avoid hiring individuals who fail to follow directions. Applicants may hand in application forms to managers personally for better chances of interviews. When meeting management in person, candidates should dress for the job and present friendly demeanors.

Application Status

Typical waiting periods last around a week for interview requests. Candidates receiving no word of application statuses should call respective hiring staff to further illustrate interest for jobs available, which usually results in contact to make interview appointments. Job hopefuls may alternatively choose to approach hiring managers in person for added effect. Overall application-to-hire processes last up to a month, though employees report varied results based on specific circumstances.

Benefits of Working at Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn leaves the responsibility of job benefits programs up to individual locations. However, free or discounted food remains popular at most franchised stores. Some associates receive access to 401(k) retirement plans as a way to save money for the future. Other possible work benefits include healthcare coverage, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance. Paid time off may include vacation and sick days. Additional perks may include incentive-driven competitions for number of orders delivered or items sold.

Additional Details about Pizza Inn

The pizzeria promotes community and demonstrates the ideal in various facets. Corporate staff regularly participates in the Serving U Program sponsored by the North Texas Food Bank. Surpassing an initial packaging goal of about 6,000 meals, the corporate team reached almost 8,000 meals packaged in one day in 2014. Additional community support involves the supply of free pizza to students for Magnet High School who participate in an after school program. The company maintains the ideal of community involvement and encourages franchise owners to follow suit.


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    I have worked in pizza inn as a pizza maker, pizza cutter, dispatcher and a cashier. Good company, I really enjoyed my job.

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    I have worked in a pizza inn for just an year as a pizza cutter .and I really enjoyed my work.

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