Pizza Inn Interview Questions & Tips

Simple Interview Process

Texas-based Pizza chain Pizza Inn always looks for innovative associates to join the team, or "Inn Crowd." To find the right people, the pizza chain conducts informal interviews to gauge job skills and personality traits. For most positions, applicants simply need to ace a single 1:1 interview with hiring managers.

Potential Questions

Questions commonly featured during job interviews include:

  • "What makes you want to work at Pizza Inn?"
  • "How are you the right person for our shop?"
  • "What is your definition of quality service?"
Applicants may also need to answer personality-based questions, such as:
  • "Which of our pizzas best represents you?"
  • "How would you convince someone to try a specialty pizza even if they don't care for one of the ingredients?"
The company operates numerous franchised units and interview processes are left up to each store.

What the Company Looks for in an Employee

Pizza Inn looks to hire creative and personable workers with passion for great pizza. Throughout the interview, applicants should demonstrate positive attitudes and express desire to work for the restaurant. With customer care as a staple of company values, candidates want to show genuine desires to provide excellent guest service. Bringing up past examples of satisfying customers' needs always validates a candidate's skills. The eatery likes outside-of-the-box thinkers, and personality-gauging questions are the best opportunities for applicants to display their creative sides. Additionally, job seekers with past experience in the pizza industry often receive added hiring consideration. The company stands committed to continued growth, and successful applicants want to show interest in advancing with the company. Once interviews are over, applicants should thank interviewers for their time.


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