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Pizza Industry Overview: As of September 2012, more than 70,000 operating pizza shops exist in the United States, according to PMQ Pizza Magazine. While independent chains comprise nearly 40% of the total market in terms of sales, the top three pizza companies, which includes Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, and Papa John’s, make up over 25,000 of store locations. With online sales capabilities, customizable pizzas, and discount promotions offered through email, companies remain active and innovative in efforts to keep the industry thriving. Analysts continue to forecast growth for the field, with expansion rates expected to reach between 2% and 3% year over year for the next decade.

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Pizza Delivery jobs

Available Positions: Cooks sauce and top the pies sold at each location, prepare pizza for placement in the ovens, and execute other food preparation duties, such as frying side appetizers. Cashier duties involve handling money, answering phones for delivery orders, and ensuring customer orders relay accurately to the cooks. Delivery drivers promptly transport food to customers and must know how to navigate traffic and difficult weather conditions. Managers supervise the other workers and guarantee the productivity of the shop.

Pay in the Pizza Industry: On average, pizza delivery drivers and cashiers earn about $18,000 annually. A large portion of a driver pay comes from tips. Cooks typically make around $10.00 per hour, while yearly pay for managers sits at about $45,000. Location and popularity of each location may affect overall hourly wages and pay scales.

Typical Job Requirements: Candidates 16 years and older typically obtain most pizza jobs with ease. Delivery drivers need valid driver’s licenses in good standing. Quickness and social skills help provide the best customer service on deliveries and improve chances for higher gratuities. A reliable GPS system and a good sense of direction also benefit drivers. Managers must usually possess previous restaurant experience and training before hire. High school diplomas or equivalents normally stands sufficient for hire for all entry-level positions. Culinary programs available at universities or technical schools may raise applicant chances of employment as cooks but generally do not prove necessary.

Pizza Shop Job Descriptions

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Pizza Delivery Driver

Job Duties – Pizza delivery drivers often perform work as kitchen staff or customer service associates for a pizzeria, as well. Pizza delivery driver responsibilities focus on delivering food to customers quickly and efficiently while maintaining a professional demeanor, but many delivery drivers perform a variety of duties inside pizza shops during lulls in delivery action. In-restaurant duties include cooking, cleaning, assisting customers, and operating cash registers.

Apart from daily pizza delivery duties, delivery drivers must maintain a reliable form of transportation. Pizza delivery drivers often operate their own vehicles during shifts, as few pizzerias maintain a company-owned delivery fleet. Delivery drivers must also possess the state minimum vehicle insurances required in their area of operation as well as a valid driver’s license.

Job Qualifications and Compensation – Delivery drivers often need to be at least 18 years of age to receive employment consideration, but some pizza restaurants maintain older minimum driver ages for delivery workers. Delivery driver applicants with pizza, restaurant, delivery, or customer service employment experience may receive primary hiring consideration. Interested applicants meeting age requirements should fill out a pizza delivery driver job application form to apply online with a pizzeria now.

Pizza delivery drivers usually receive a competitive salary and entry-level work benefits, including flexible work scheduling and paid job training. Delivery drivers meeting employee eligibility requirements may even receive employment benefits like healthcare and a 401(k) retirement plan. Most delivery drivers earn starting pay rates near minimum wage; however, many drivers earn tips from customers for safe and speedy food deliveries. Delivery drivers may even earn promotion opportunities or other career advancement prospects. Many pizza restaurants need to hire delivery drivers to fill jobs today. Apply online to find a pizzeria in need of pizza delivery drivers now.

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Pizza Crew Member Job Description

Job Duties – Pizza crew members, called team members by some franchises, typically work double-duty jobs as kitchen staff and customer service associates. Crew members often run registers, answer phones, schedule pizza deliveries, prepare food, clean, and complete other tasks as assigned. Pizza team members may also work as pizza delivery drivers when needed.

Many stand-alone pizzerias operate sit-down restaurant locations, as do several large pizza chains. Crew member positions at these restaurants may include dishwashers and servers. Restaurant duties can encompass taking orders, seating customers, washing dishes, bussing tables, or delivering food to hungry customers. Exact job duties will vary depending on the size, style, and volume of individual pizzeria locations as well as job title.

Job Qualifications and Compensation – Pizza crew members typically must meet minimum age requirements for employment consideration with a pizzeria. Team members may benefit from previous foodservice or customer service experience during the interview process. Most prospective employees simply need fill out a pizza job application form or apply online with an established pizzeria now.

Pizza crew members typically enjoy both a competitive salary for the pizza industry and quality job benefits, which may include healthcare and 401(k) retirement packages. Most pizza crew members earn starting pay near minimum wage as well as flexible work schedules and paid job training. Pizza crew members also earn job experience ably translated into a full-time career in pizza or with one of several other industries. Pizzerias need to hire new entry-level workers all the time. Apply online to discover a pizza place hiring employees with your qualifications today.

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Pizza Manager Job Description

Job Duties – Pizzeria managers typically oversee daily store operations for independent pizza restaurants and pizza chains alike. Management positions can include store managers, assistant managers, supervisors, and team leaders, though not every pizzeria needs to hire workers to fill all these jobs. Managers must maintain customer appreciation while ensuring stores operate cost-effectively. Managers often disarm escalated situations or handle customer complaints in addition to performing regular supervisory duties.

Job duties will vary greatly depending on position title and store location. Managerial duties at pizzerias typically involve scheduling employees, hiring new workers, motivating associates, and other important employee relations. Managers also often oversee accounting issues, including banking and balancing books, as well.

Job Qualifications and Compensation – Managers at pizza restaurants usually need to be at least 18 years of age, and most pizzerias require managers to possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants possessing previous managerial experience or a vast knowledge of the pizza industry gained through earlier pizzeria employment typically receive employment consideration above other prospective associates. Interested applicants should fill out a pizza job application form or apply online with a pizzeria chain now.

Managers at pizza places generally earn a competitive salary along with quality job benefits, including paid time off, healthcare, and a 401(k) retirement plan. Managerial pay rates run the gamut from entry-level $20,000 a year jobs to professional $75,000 per year careers, depending on previous experience, job title, and geographical area of operation. Many pizza restaurants need to hire managers to fill a variety of jobs today. Apply online to find a pizza manager job opportunity for employees with your qualifications now.

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Pizzerias generally need to hire customer service and kitchen workers, delivery drivers, and managers to staff restaurant locations. Sit-down style pizza restaurants may also require dishwashers, servers, and hosts or hostesses. Many pizza jobs represent entry-level work, and associates often begin as part-time workers or full-time employees. Experience in one of these roles may even lead to management careers with the company later on. This line of work provides valuable customer service experience necessary for most employment opportunities.

Kitchen workers and customer service associates staff pizzeria counters and kitchens, often rotating between jobs as a cohesive team. Pizza delivery drivers often maintain their own vehicles and auto insurance and must deliver food timely and efficiently. Most entry-level pizzeria jobs offer starting pay near minimum wage, but delivery drivers often earn tips to supplement their income and added vehicle maintenance costs. Managers oversee daily pizza restaurant operations, schedule employees, hire new workers, motivate associates, and complete other important supervisory tasks.

If you’re 16 or older, you qualify to apply online or fill out a pizza industry job application form for many of these full-time jobs and part-time vacancies. Dozens of locations need applicants just like you to hire as pizzeria staff. Pay for many of these jobs rests near minimum wage, though employment benefits, like paid vacation, salary increases, and a 401(k) plan, exist once you’ve established yourself with a pizza employer. Workers typically possess no special skills or certifications at these jobs beyond reliable transportation and a professional attitude centered on providing quality customer service. Order a new career and join a hiring pizza place today. Fill out an online job application today.