Planet Fitness Interview Questions & Tips

One-On-One Interview Format

Hiring managers conducting Planet Fitness interviews generally ask prepared questions during individual sessions. Workers attend each interview, typically presided over by a club manager or district manager, and respond to the basic questions in one-to-one formats. Most applicants sit through at least two job interviews during the hiring process. Managers may also use the time to go over training and instruction manuals, which outline behavioral guidelines and daily operations.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

The interview process generally begins with a meeting with a general manager or club manager and then a district manager. Interviews may take place on the same day or at separate times. Most applicants sit through each Planet Fitness interview during the course of one day. The entire process often takes up to a week to provide for fair evaluation of other applicants and time to render final determinations appropriately.

Typical Interview Topics

Interviewees regularly face questions concerning:

  • hobbies
  • professional interests
  • sports
  • diet and nutrition
  • hours of availability
  • personal challenges overcome in life
In addition to typical interview questions, management candidates may respond to queries about leadership skills and long-term employment goals.

Hiring Process Overview

Planet Fitness interviews primarily serve as a way for hiring personnel to gauge applicant personalities. Workers submit resumes with professional experiences to initiate the hiring process, which recruitment officials review and use to help select prospective associates to advance into subsequent rounds of consideration. The fitness club then uses the interview process to screen for personalities that best mesh with existing staff. In general, the chain of health clubs looks for supportive, energetic individuals who promote fun and encouraging work environments. Positive attitudes and self-motivated personalities befit workers best. Use each job interview to demonstrate personal interest in helping others and in maintaining healthy relationships with both coworkers and gym patrons.

Planet Fitness Cleaner Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Planet Fitness Cleaner: Okay. I worked three months as a cleaner, which is you make sure all the trash is taken care of and the front room on gym area. Then you also have to clean up both the men’s and women’s locker room. Then it’s optional depending on which club you go to to clean the tanning beds as well, that’s usually front desk. Afterwards when I left to attend my semester at school I come back towards the end in December through March and I got promoted to front desk, where I’d sign memberships. I’d also clean the designated area that was for me. I’d also handled customer service and stock loads, and everything. I’d clean the tanning beds and whatnot.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
Planet Fitness Cleaner: Honestly the people. The customers you get to deal with on a daily basis because you start to actually develop a personal relationship with them, and sometimes it’s just “Hi, bye,” or just, “Oh hey look, it’s Jeff, 500 right that’s your number?” You put it in and then you start to develop a conversation, one thing leads to another and you actually start to become friends with them. They’ll stop you, check and see how you’re doing, and they actually start seeing how you’re doing. Once that happens if you ever do leave or even if you see them outside of the club, there’s many times where I’ve been helped in certain scenarios with them.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Planet Fitness Cleaner: I come in, my shift is at 4:00 so I come at 3:45, 4 to 9. As soon as I come in you have to make sure you come dressed ready to go. You do a fingerprint scanner, clock in and then you have to finish all your cleaning. What I actually do is my designated areas which is 12-minute abs, tanning room, and everything, you have to make sure you wipe down all the machines. Dust them first then you wipe them with either Spic-n-Span or whatever designated cleaner that they have. Then after that you vacuum, mop, and just make sure the place is spic-n-span. After that you go to the tanning rooms. You have to make sure you sanitize, disinfect, trash, take care of everything. After that it’s mostly front desk work. You have to make sure that you are busy at all times because the managers will get upset if they see you on camera or not doing anything, which is standard. Other than that just check people in and make sure you just do maintenance checks from the whole area. Just make sure everything’s doing okay, it’s around once every 20 minutes.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Planet Fitness Cleaner: Mine was actually a little different just for the sole fact is I befriended the manager and the employees beforehand. All we had to do, he just told me, “You know what, just make sure that you apply online.” After we applied online, he gave me a phone call and then sat down with me. They’re just basic interview questions like, “How do you feel about time management? How can you handle it as well?” Also standard questions like, “Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol?” Just moving on from there, after that the biggest thing with them is, what they stress on the most, “What is time management?” Within those few hours that you do have it’s based on you because they don’t like to have the managers on your back. Although sometimes they do but let’s be honest. Anyway, other than that it was just very general questions which is, “How do you relate to customer service if somebody was to come to you with a complaint about their membership, how would you resolve it? Would you just handle it on your own or would you make sure you ask the question to the manager first to make sure it was resolved the right way?

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Planet Fitness Cleaner: That’s a good one. Well what I like to do personally is I’m very good at customer service. I’m very good at dealing with people because I’ve been in the scenario where you’re having a rough time and you just want a problem resolved. What I would do to my best ability, and if I could not resolve their issue then I’ll go to the manager. The biggest thing is be very personable, and I make you feel like, “You know what? I know that there’s 2,000 people in this club right now, but I’m only focused on you, and I’m going to make sure you get your problem done.” I was very friendly to the employees. If they needed help I would kind of sacrifice my things first in order for them to get it done so it wouldn’t look as bad on them. I had their back.

Interviewer: How were you notified that you received the job?
Planet Fitness Cleaner: We were just waiting on somebody to move to another club. It was roughly two weeks maybe. He just quickly asked me, “How soon can you start?” I was like, “In two days.” He was like, “Okay.” Then we started.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Planet Fitness Cleaner: The number one thing that I’ve learned especially going to a lot of business conferences, is you have to deal with rejection. When it comes to searching for job applications, apply for 20 and realistically you’re only going to get interviews probably at two. Maybe even a call back from one. Rejection does not mean that you’re failing, it just means just keep moving on.


  • lillee says:

    What is the pay for Customer Service Representative?
    How to manage second interviews?
    When to expect a call?

  • lillee says:

    How to manage second interviews?
    When to expect a call?
    How much do they pay? Will they ask about salary expectations, if so what should I say?

  • Richard says:

    How much does a customer service agent earn per hour? Or a sales agent?

  • derrick champion says:

    I would love to be a part of the planet fitness team.

  • Yao Kouame says:

    I’d love to help people find their physical, mental, and fitness potentials as a Planet Fitness trainer, but would one need any certifications or qualifications?

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