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Plato's Closet pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Plato’s Closet Application

Offering trendy fashions at affordable prices, Plato’s Closet operates as an alternative secondhand store with locations around the United States. Job hunters apply via in-person application forms to demonstrate interest in customer service and style. Personable individuals able to speak to hiring leaders about related knowledge and desire to help customers maintain exceptional chances at gaining employment. Professional yet fashionable attire and arriving during slower business hours garners immediate interviews from managers looking to actively hire. Traditional paper forms help to accelerate hiring processes by increasing the likelihood of job offers on the spot.

How to Fill out the Plato’s Closet PDF Application

The lengthier four-page application requests standard information from potential employees. Forms begin with title pages featuring the store name and disclaimers on the commitment of the retailer to engage in equal treatment and opportunity for associates and prospects. Aspirants fare best when completing the forms in blue or black ink. Submissions should remain error-free, with whiteout used to hide mistakes. Neat, legible handwriting allows hiring leaders the opportunity to read all details without hardship.

“General Information”
Applicants start the application process by printing names, dates, present addresses, Social Security numbers, and telephone numbers in the appropriate spaces. Candidates then circle referral sources, Yes or No for legally able to gain employment in the United States, and state whether under 18 years old or over 70. Lines remain available for job seekers to include positions of interest, salary expected, full-time or part-time interests, friends or relatives in the employ of the company, if ever previously employed with Plato’s Closet (if yes, when), and other names individuals go by for employment or schooling.

In the same section, potential staff members state whether any physical conditions would prohibit required duties, and, if so, two lines remain available for individuals to explain. Next, contenders list if ever convicted of felonys and further explain if so. The last question in the section touches on military training.

The subsequent category requires job hunters to fill in a chart about past schools attended. Spaces remain available for high school, college, vocational, and other educational institutions. Along the top, aspirants fill in courses of study, scholastic averages, dates of attendance, if graduated, and degrees earned. For high school attendees, forms do not require the dates of attendance and graduation years. A few lines under the chart allow candidates to include additional comments regarding education.

Individuals must also answer skill-related questions in the same category. Provide additional languages spoken, written, and read fluently. Aspirants including experience on cash registers, 10-key, and other similar skills may gain preferential treatment over other candidates.

“Employment History”
Instructed to list most recent or current job titles held, contenders fill out the past employment section of the application in order to receive hiring consideration. For each past employer, applicants include the name of the company, address, supervisor, salary, phone number, job title, date started and left, job description, and reason for leaving each position. Four spaces remain available for job hunters to fill in; however, individuals may attach separate sheets of paper for more space. A statement informs candidates background checks may follow. Prospective team members may indicate if any past employers should not receive contact from Plato’s Closet, for which a signature and date proves necessary.

Aspirants should include three professional references in order to grab the attention of recruiters. References describe work ethic and character of the applicants. Job hopefuls include the name, occupation, address, and phone number of each person listed. Underneath, potential workers maintain one last opportunity to shine by summarizing additional qualifications.

The category begins with Please Read in bold letters and starred. Two short paragraphs discuss legal parameters of submissions and important information pertaining to the hiring process. Misrepresentation of facts leads to immediate termination or hiring disqualification. Furthermore, employment at Plato’s Closet remains at-will, with termination possible at any time for any reason. If in agreement, candidates sign and date forms on the appropriate lines.