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Play It Again Sports pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Play It Again Sports Application

PDF applications allow candidates to provide permanent, physical copies of information regarding skills and abilities, contact information, and availability with added personal touches. Workers must hand the forms in directly, which requires interpersonal interactions between job hopefuls and prospective managers. Applicants may use the time to establish rapports with hiring personnel and engage in meaningful discussions about work environments, training, pay, and subsequent steps in the employment process.

How to Fill out the Play It Again Sports PDF Application

Candidates must provide truthful and accurate information in order to receive full consideration for Play It Again Sports jobs. The forms necessitate legible print utilizing blue or black ink to fill in required data fields. Workers often spend between 20 to 30 minutes completing the hiring requests. Applicants should allot as much time as needed to successfully navigate the employment documents and ensure each portion reflects both personality and professional qualities to the extent of known abilities.

“Please Print”
Beneath a large proclamation to only write in print, the Play It Again Sport PDF application begins with spaces for basic contact information. Provide names, the date, present addresses, Social Security numbers, and telephone numbers. Workers must also indicate sources of hearing about jobs for hire. Prompts appear for legal right to work in the United States, verification of age 18 and over, positions applying for, and salary expectations. Before the initial section closes, employment hopefuls must enter in availability (part-time/full-time), potential start dates, friends or relatives working for the sporting goods retailer, and any aliases used in the past. Former employees of the chain must indicate as such on the forms, as well.

An untitled section appears beneath the general contact information segment. The portion of the document asks candidates about special accommodations needed to carry out responsibilities, if hired, felony convictions, if applicable, and any previous affiliation with branches of the military. Each question provides Yes or No options, with applicants responding Yes providing additional information on the appropriated lines.

A large chart comprises the Education section of the downloadable Play It Again Sports application. Workers fill in the blank spaces with information regarding school names and locations, areas of study, GPAs, dates attended, and whether graduated. Individuals with degrees or diplomas must indicate the types and dates received. Lines remain available for high school, college, and vocational institutions. Below the chart sit four to five lines for candidates to expand upon academic histories, if desired.

Workers briefly provide details regarding certain professional abilities. The major retail chain asks for information on computer proficiency and languages spoken or understood outside of English. Applicants may offer skills not listed on the hiring forms in the line provided.

“Employment History”
The Employment History segment of the printable application requires candidates to list past jobs chronologically beginning with the most recent one held. Specific details collected on the documents include company names and locations, past supervisor names, previous salary options, and phone numbers for the businesses. Candidates also find lines to list specific job titles held, summaries of duties, beginning and end dates, and reasons for leaving. A line asking for a signature and the date authorizes Play It Again Sports to conduct background checks into the employment information submitted on the forms. The option for workers to omit certain past employers from the background checks remains available.

In addition to past jobs, the used sporting goods and apparel chain encourages applicants to leave contact information for up to three professional references. The references must not include family members or close friends. Workers should list past coworkers, former supervisors, or other professional contacts on the lines. Providing the names and phone numbers for each individual remains imperative to query the references. Other essential details include the occupations and physical addresses of the referents.

Applicants also enjoy the unique opportunity to provide additional information regarding skills and abilities of potential use to hiring personnel during the deliberation process. Use the four lines to talk about professional accreditations, certifications, or associations with clubs or organizations related to positions desired. Candidates may reference specific details listed in the application or expand upon new thoughts or ideas, if desired. Attach separate sheets of paper to the printed PDF to clarify ideas or provide as much information as deemed necessary.

“Please Read”
Statements regarding the validity of the information provided, the terms and conditions of submitting the forms, and termination policies appear in the finial portion of the Play It Again Sports application. Workers should read through the statements carefully to understand individual rights when turning in the hiring documents. Once job hopefuls read and understand the terms listed, employment hunters must sign and date the application in the appropriate places.