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Play It Again Sports hires friendly and knowledgeable employees to work in athletics and fitness retail settings. Both full-time and part-time positions remain available to job seekers. The company operates over 400 sports resale stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Facts About Working at Play It Again Sports

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Play It Again Sports?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Sales Associate, Delivery Agent, Seasonal Associate, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Sales/Service Clerk, Assistant Manager, Retail Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Play It Again Sports application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Play It Again Sports Job Opportunities

As a chain of secondhand stores, Play It Again Sports buys and sells new and gently used sporting goods. Patrons trade in gear for upgrades or forays into new sports. Employees provide the highest trade-in values and smoothest purchase experiences possible for customers. Individuals with extensive knowledge of sporting equipment largely make the best candidates for jobs with the resale chain, as customers expect workers to answer relevant questions on an everyday basis.

Founded in 1983, the company represents an entrepreneurial opportunity. Each location of the chain stands independently franchised. The business model allows the brand to continue expansion and growth, which consistently leads to job creation. Positions most often prove available in store outlets. Sales and management jobs remain the primary sources of employment with the company. On a franchise-by-franchise basis, other work opportunities may become available, such as maintenance positions or marketing careers.

Play It Again Sports Employment Outlook and Pay Scales

Applicants with passions for athletics and strong customer service skills consistently find work with the company. Entry-level jobs prove largely accessible to interested candidates, often regardless of formal experience. Job seekers 16 years of age and older may apply for meaningful employment in one of the following positions with the sporting goods franchise:

Sales Associate

  • Earning around $9.00 per hour, sales associates perform essential customer service duties at Play It Again Sports.
  • Responsibilities include processing cash and card transactions, stocking shelves, locating particular merchandise for customers, and promoting featured items.
  • Employees also must assess the condition and monetary value of equipment brought in by patrons.
  • Passion for sports and fitness greatly improve chances of obtaining sales associate jobs.
  • Due to the weight of some equipment, workers should possess excellent physical strength and dexterity.

Assistant Manager

  • Assistant managers direct operations in Play It Again Sports outlets under the supervision of store managers.
  • Duties include training new staff members, locking up the store after closing times, verifying payments and identification on large purchases or trade-ins, and ordering new inventory.
  • Employees also must stand able to answer questions about available merchandise from customers and subordinate workers alike.
  • Candidates with high school diplomas or the equivalents and previous management experience largely face no trouble in obtaining work as managers.
  • Assistant managers typically earn about $11.50 in hourly wages.

Tips For Applying

Though traditional paper applications still prove available at specific locations, Play It Again Sports offers job seekers printable applications through the company website. After printing the documents, candidates fill out and submit forms to hiring managers for consideration. Smile and engage employees in light and friendly conversation when dropping off hiring forms to leave positive impressions. Applicants must remain prepared to undergo background screenings.

Application Status

After turning in applications, candidates usually hear from hiring managers between one and two weeks later. Following up sooner shows interest and commitment to obtaining positions with the company. Job seekers should call or, preferably, visit store locations to check on submitted documents and the status of the hiring process. Going to stores in person remains preferable because the method allows applicants to interact directly and in person with staff while in the actual work environment. Wait until managers show adequate time to talk about application status.

Benefits of Working at Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports features job benefits packages for qualified full-time associates. 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and healthcare options commonly prove available to managers and other positions with tenure. Part-time workers enjoy merchandise discounts, flexible scheduling, and paid training, Employment benefits may vary by franchise, as different owners may implement different policies regarding compensation and rewards for employees.

More Information on Play It Again Sports

In 1998, company founder Martha Morris sold Play It Again Sports to the Winmark Corporation. The business supports entrepreneurs and growing franchises. Resale stores remain the principal focus of the corporation. In addition to the sports resale chain, the company oversees the franchising of Plato’s Closet, Music Go Round, Once Upon a Child, and Style Encore. Corporate headquarters stand in Minneapolis, MN.


  • Undervalued says:

    If its your first job then by all means its great for gaining retail/sales experience and having flexible schedule…but don’t expect much in pay…even over the long run. Your pushed to make sales on an hourly rate with no incentive or misleading promos. Employee workers are seen as disposable human resources and your working to make a bonus for your upper management and manager in particularly

    .Long gone are the days of hourly sales jobs with no commission.

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