Play It Again Sports Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Process Overview

Specializing in gently used sporting goods sold at a discount, Play It Again Sports stores each employ a team of knowledgeable workers committed to fulfilling the athletic needs of value-conscious customers. The Play It Again Sports hiring process allows prospective retail employees to discuss their qualifications with a store manager or owner individually. Most applicants only need to interview with Play It Again Sports a single time to establish hiring eligibility. Candidates selected for an interview typically hear from a Play It Again Sports hiring manager about one to three weeks after applying for the job.

Possible Interview Questions

Play It Again Sports interviews generally function as 15-minute meetings covering the athletic experiences and retail skills unique to each job seeker. Questions like:

  • "What sports do you play?"
  • "What do you know about sports equipment?"
Hiring managers also like to know if applicants have any sales experience and often pose questions like:
  • "How would you add extra value to the shopping experience of each customer?"
to set apart interviewees with an aptitude for delivering quality customer service. Schedule availability and how to select a piece of sports equipment properly usually form the basis for additional questions frequently asked at Play It Again Sports interviews. Hiring personnel sometimes spend a significant portion of the interview going over job requirements and common workplace occurrences to make sure applicants harbor no reservations about seeking employment with Play It Again Sports.

Tips for a Successful Interview

Wear professional clothing to all meetings with Play It Again Sports hiring managers in order to comply with proper interview etiquette and stand out within the environment. As the interview session proceeds, remember to address the Play It Again Sports interviewer directly when speaking and maintain comfortable levels of eye contact. Emphasize a passion for sports, a desire to assist customers seeking discounted athletic equipment, and a willingness to learn all facets of the job. At the end of the question-and-answer session, ask the Play It Again Sports interviewer when to expect a final decision with regards to hiring.


  • michael rice says:

    looking for a job with playitagainsports

  • kato zhimo says:

    If I’m out of the country how will I know about an interview???

  • kato zhimo says:

    I would like a sports management job….

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