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Based in Pittsburgh, PA, PNC Bank operates as one of the largest banks in the United States. Offering entry-level workers a wide variety of positions at the branch level and in customer service, the company continuously needs to onboard new staff to accommodate the growing business. Interested applicants may apply online through the company website.

Facts About Working at PNC

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at PNC?)

Available Positions: Bank Teller, Financial Sales Consultant, Personal Banker, Mortgage Loan Officer, Sales/Service Banker, Teller Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager, Operations Manager, Licensed Branch Financial Sales Consultant, Banking Representative, Team Director, Customer Service Representative, Mortgage Cross Sell Loan Representative, Sales and Service Supermarket Banker, Customer Service Associate, Acquisitions Analyst, Tax Credit Relationship Manager, Investment Fund Manager, Peak Time Teller Banking Representative, Wealth Planner, Business Banker, Bilingual Spanish/English In-Store Sales Consultant, Universal Banker

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

PNC Job Opportunities

With a rapidly growing regional banking franchise operating in nineteen states and the District of Columbia, PNC Bank seeks motivated, ambitious, and team-oriented individuals to fill numerous roles in the banking industry. Most entry-level applicants may fill jobs as tellers, customer service agents, or personal bankers. Employees must display excellent interpersonal skills, dedication to sales, and enjoyment of working with the public. Applicants remain encouraged to search and apply for available positions on the company website.

Individuals with previous experience in the financial forum may make excellent candidates for managerial careers with PNC Bank. Experience in team-building, sales, and leadership remain qualities desirable by hiring personnel. Performing perfunctory administrative duties as well as leading teams of associates tasked with providing excellent customer service and salesmanship, managers must show willingness to work flexible schedules including weekends. Employees in management roles generally need additional education and experience backgrounds to qualify for supervisory positions, though some leadership roles such as head teller may prove available with tenure and additional experience.

Positions and Salary Information for PNC

PNC Bank hires employees at the minimum age of 18 years old for a collection of roles specific to branch locations and customer service centers. Minimum hiring requirements include possessing a high school diploma or GED. While previous experience benefits workers, most candidates showing a desire to learn, remain a part of a team, and demonstrating genuine interest in the banking industry gain employment with the financial services firm. Commonly available jobs with the company include:


  • Tellers serve on the retail branch front line interacting with customers and providing personable service.
  • Employees must show excellent attention to detail, supply fast and efficient services, and communicate well with the public.
  • The ability to problem-solve, multitask, and follow directions also benefits associates.
  • A teller possesses the earning potential of up to $11.00 an hour, with lead tellers and supervisors earning as much as $14.00 an hour.

Customer Service Associate

  • Responsible for interacting with customers about a variety of bank services through inbound and outbound calls, customer service associates typically work to gain insight about customer needs.
  • Associates must provide exceptional service, promote, sell, and recommend additional services to existing customers, and grow new relationships.
  • Customer service associates must attend to all patron needs, collect accurate information, and identify opportunities to work in the best interest of the bank, as well.
  • Customer service associates may earn around $11.00 an hour to start.


  • As the leader holding the accountability for successful branch business, most managers typically lead a team of employees tasked with performing daily tasks to ensure excellent customer service.
  • Managers must consistently achieve company benchmarks such as revenue, market share, and customer growth and retention.
  • Employees in a supervisory role typically need at least two years of leadership experience, preferably in the financial services industry, strong team-building skills, and an overarching understanding of sales and regularly achieving sales goals.
  • Most banking managers earn annual salary options up to $70,000 a year.

Tips for Applying

PNC offers applicants a straightforward, step-by-step application process online via the company job portal. After creating a career profile, candidates search for specific jobs, then apply. The created profile allows job seekers to apply to up to five positions within a seven-day period. Utilize answers to application questions matching the job description for the position applied for, if possible. Highlight skills, strengths, and goals matching what the company searches for in new workers. Leave no answer incomplete, as failure to answer all questions may lead to disqualification from the interview process.

Application Status

Applicants selected to move forward in the interview process typically receive email confirmation and instruction as to what to expect while proceeding. Candidates should work with recruiters in order to prepare accordingly for interviews. Review job descriptions, prepare answers to focus on goals and experiences, and know and express strengths whenever possible. Even if candidates do not receive invitations for interviews, profiles remain active in the company system allowing for reapplying and applying for other positions.

Benefits of Working at PNC

In addition to competitive pay, flexible work schedules, and paid training, employees may expect:

  • Access to medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.
  • Also, eligible associates may receive paid vacation time, holidays, and time off.
  • Retirement options remain available, as well.
  • The savings plans include 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance, employee stock purchase programs, and short- and long-term disability pay.
  • Other job benefits include education assistance programs and flex spending accounts.

Additional Information about PNC

PNC Bank believes banks play a vital role in the lives of the average person on a daily basis. The financial institution also believes trust serves as the foundation for successful relationships in the banking world. In order to commemorate the institution, the company runs the “Legacy Project” through the company website. The project serves as an oral and written history of predecessor banks, with online exhibits and artifacts to show how banks, and especially PNC continually evolves but keeps to the principles held dear in the company, both today and yesterday in the annals of history.


  • Emily says:

    I tried to apply all the available jobs which I think matches my qualification or might be a fit, however, the PNC website does not allow me to apply more than 3 jobs within a week. Any reason why there is this limit for applications?

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