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How to Get a Job at PNC

Pittsburgh-based financial service provider PNC provides banking service to millions of private, commercial, and business clients. More than 50,000 associates occupy 2,500 retail bank branches across the U.S. in such states as Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Job seekers across the country may find numerous employment opportunities with the financial company. By creating an account online, individuals interested in the financial services industry may apply for multiple job vacancies. Because of the investment each new employee requires, applicants undergo a fairly extensive interview process. Nearly every applicant will receive contact from the bank regarding hiring status.

Preparing For Your Interview

Individuals invited to PNC Bank job interviews must take the necessary steps in preparation. Applicants should review their personal materials as well as conduct research on the banking company. Areas to research include company history, services offered, and possible career paths. Attending each interview with a clean, well-put-together appearance may help show dedication toward getting the job. Confidence and clear communication are some of the most important qualities for any job at the bank, along with job skills and professional credentials. Most applicants face multiple interviews.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Generally, PNC interviews take a behavioral-based approach with applicants. Most questions involve situations where an interviewee may use previous experience or personal opinions to influence answers. The whole interview process is usually conducted by a bank manager or other hiring representative and may last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, based on the job. Applicants may ask the interviewer questions, as well. Job hopefuls should inquire about work environment, benefits, advancement opportunities, and employee policies.

Following Through with the Hiring Process

PNC maintains continuous contact with job applicants. Company recruiters contact candidates and keep them apprised of the job status. Candidates that end up being hired receive both verbal and electronic confirmation. Following the announcement, applicants must then fulfill several pre-employment requirements, such as drug testing, background checks, and discussing a day to start employment with the banking company.


  • kenyetta says:

    well i want to know the type of attire should i wear for my interview? and what questions should i ask; or be prepared for if they ask me?

  • Harriet Scaglione says:

    I was recently interviewed for a part time teller position. I am in the process of waiting for the results of the interview. I had interviews by telephone and 3 individual ones with different managers. I never had such a through interview on all my experience in seeking employment. It was very interesting, imformative and educational. Not only did the managers learn about me, I was completely informed about the position I applied for and all about the workings of PNC Bank. I found everyone to be friendly and warm. My goal at this time is to be the chosen candidate. I felt it was a great interview process. It inspired me. Whatever the outcome of my interview, the knowledge that I was given will forever remain with me. Excellent…

  • Lisa watts says:

    What is the starting salary for a financial sales consultant?

  • J.R. says:

    I recently interviewed for a full time position and made it all the way to the end before unfortunately finishing “2nd” and not being offered a position as an entry level teller. Professional attire is the way to go. As a male, dress shoes, dress pants button down long-sleeved shift and a tie was appropriate. I had 2 phone interviews and 2 sit down interviews with members of management. They do a wonderful job of explaining what the position entails. Salary is never discussed though in a phone call with the recruiter (2nd interview), they will ask you what your minimum hourly pay is. Pay would be discussed and negotiated with the recruiter after an offer is made.

    After the first phone interview, you’re emailed an assessment test which determines if you get a 2nd interview. It is a personality/reaction type assessment..not a math/reading sort of thing.

    Questions asked at the in person interviews range from what your 3 biggest strengths are, why you’re interested in the job and how your previous experience applies. Prepare to give examples of ways you have given outstanding service, and specifics on what you look for in a job.

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