Pollo Campero Job Interview Questions & Tips

One-On-One Interviews

Pollo Campero looks for enthusiastic, eager, and hardworking crew members to join the team. The family-owned fried chicken chain uses a standard approach in the interviewing process. Most interviews follow a standard 1:1 format and are held by hiring managers. To ensure quality staff members, the restaurant follows scripted processes for customer service and management interviews.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Depending on the job applied for and the restaurant location, applicants may need to participate in several rounds of interviews. A typical job interview lasts about 30 minutes and features basic interview questions. An applicant mostly needs to provide insight into work availability, customer service aptitude, and job-related experience. Questions commonly featured in the interview include:

  • "Why Pollo Campero?"
  • "What are your goals?"
Applicants may also need to detail experience working in teams and dealing with upset customers.

How to Stand Out

Candidates vying for Pollo Campero jobs should show interest in getting hired by arriving early to interviews and wearing appropriate clothing, like slacks and button down shirts. In addition to suitable apparel, good body language is also important. When interacting with interviewers, job hopefuls should keep steady eye contact and speak with confidence. Applicants also want to hold proper posture and exude an overall comfortable nature. To prepare for the interview, candidates may want to study the fast food chain in order to have a full understanding of the company culture and job details.

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