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Benefits of Printing out the Popeyes Application

Bringing in annual revenues of about $200 million, Popeyes operates roughly 2,000 locations with growth expected to continue. The flourishing fast food company readily hires applicants to meet the demands of thousands of daily customers. Applying in person with a printable PDF form stands as an excellent option for receiving immediate hiring consideration. Well-dressed aspirants, who radiate professionalism, should arrive during slower hours to avoid lunch and dinner rushes. Friendly smiles and outgoing personalities also demonstrate potential and positivity. By handing the application form directly to the hiring manager, potential workers receive on-the-spot attention.

Customer service remains of the upmost of importance at restaurant jobs, and in-person applications allow individuals to showcase personable demeanors. The first impressions remain very important and give individuals prime chances to demonstrate desirable qualities. Applicants should memorize questions to ask the managers on-duty in the event interviews take place. Qualified job seekers may even impress recruiters enough to receive job offers same day.

How to Fill out the Popeyes PDF Application

The application possesses the Popeyes logo and title, Sailormen Inc., which represents a subsidiary of Interfoods of America, Inc. The two-page PDF specifically targets the background and history of each candidate in order to make sound cases for hiring. Each job hopeful should skillfully write a legible and truthful application in blue or black ink. Mistakes and errors should not appear on the form.

“Personal Information”
Lines for typical background information, including date, telephone number, name, Social Security number, address, and former address (if less than one year), appear on the form. Aspirants must include if over 16 years old. Younger individuals must enter exact age. Under regulation, under-aged applicants do not stand eligible for employment. The submission moves on to background inquiries ranging from if an applicant stands as an U.S. citizen, service in the U.S. Armed Forces, and if such military experience relates to the position desired. Contenders should answer truthfully to questions about previous criminal convictions, if applicable, and if ever employed by Popeyes.

A small boxed section seeks an emergency contact person for potential employees. Job hunters provide the names, phone numbers, addresses, and relationships to the emergency contacts. Prospective workers only need to include one individual.

Other miscellaneous questions touch on work-specific information. Job hopefuls indicate positions of interest, number of years of related experience, expected pay rates, willingness to travel, relatives employed with the company, and any physical impairments possibly interfering with job performance. Individuals should also list dates of availability and evening and weekend accessibility.

The section on education remains very brief and only requests information for the highest levels of education achieved. Aspirants provide the type of schools, corresponding names and addresses, and the years of attendance. Underneath, contenders may list referral sources, whether walk-ins, advertisements, or current employees.

“Employment History”
Instructed to list previous employment for the last five years, prospective team members locate three blank spaces reserved for different employers. Aspirants enter recent employment by including the name, street address, city, state, and zip, supervisor, telephone number, starting and ending dates, salary, reason for leaving, and specific duties for each former job held. If a contender worked more than three positions in five years, the individual may attach another sheet of paper to include the requested details. The end of the section requires job hopefuls to indicate permission to contact present employers.

At the end of the second page, potential staff members must read through a multi-paragraph statement highlighting the legality of the application and hiring practices. Individuals must present truthful information, understand the company operates as an at-will employer, and agree to background checks and drug screenings. If the aspirant agrees and clearly understands, a signature and date stand required before an application may receive consideration. The statement completes the application process.