Popeyes Chicken Application: Jobs & Career Info

Since 1972, Popeyes has served fried chicken with a strong dose of southern flair. Founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, the company now has locations in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Facts About Working at Popeyes

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Popeyes?)

Available Positions: Crew Member, Cashier, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Popeyes application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Popeyes Employee Interview Videos

Listen to former employees discuss working at Popeyes:

Popeyes Job Opportunities

Gaining Work Experience

First-time workers hone valuable customer service abilities and restaurant expertise in Popeyes jobs. Entry-level employment is a fantastic way to learn new talents and pad a resume. Employees will use the knowledge throughout their professional career.

Hiring Qualifications

Any hardworking applicant over the age of 16 can apply online or via in-store application. Popeyes job hopefuls should show good communication skills and the ability to stand for long hours. Restaurants also offer careers for managers that have salary options.

Job Promotions

Any worker with great leadership and planning instincts can seek a promotion. As new hires prove their worth, an entry-level Popeyes job could advance to management. Full-time careers may expand employment benefits to include things like life insurance, paid time off, and increased pay rates.

Employment and Salary Information for Popeyes

The brand frequently interviews workers for both part-time and full-time jobs. Prospective employees can fill out Popeyes application forms for the following roles:

Team Member

  • Entry-level employees typically work part-time.
  • Popeyes wants courteous and attentive people for these jobs.
  • Team members start out around minimum hourly wages.


  • While team members also work registers, Popeyes hires some employees as full-time cashiers.
  • Workers engage in friendly interactions with customers and complete all sales.
  • The pay rate is usually minimum wage too, or near $9.00 an hour.


  • Daily duties involve hiring and training workers.
  • Management handles difficult situations and ensures cleanliness standards.
  • Managers often earn a salary package of $35k to $40k annually.

Tips for Applying

When applying in person, make sure to visit the restaurant outside of peak times. Submit Popeyes applications online or at stores. Depending on staffing needs, managers may conduct an interview on the spot.

Application Status

Potential employees hear back regarding applications within a week. The hiring process takes up to two weeks for most Popeyes jobs. Inspired candidates should consider a phone call to check in with employers. Doing so shows initiative and enthusiasm.

Benefits of Working at Popeyes

Full-time Popeyes jobs might get benefits such as:

  • Healthcare coverage, including medical insurance
  • Paid vacations and training
  • 401(k) retirement plans

Part-time job benefits consist of discounts on meals as well as flexible work shifts.

Additional Information about Popeyes

Popeyes created the Family and Friends Foundation. This effort provides scholarships, disaster relief, and financial assistance for employees.


  • Kendrick :D says:

    the pay $7.25 an HOUR , cause i work there. .. .!

  • Tina says:

    $8.00 for regular employees and $11 for managers

    • fatoumata says:

      I’m 13 turning 14 and I’m going to 9th grade. Do you think I can work at Popeyes or McDonald’s?

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