Postmates Application Online: Driver Jobs & Career Info

Postmates is a delivery service that works to bring food and goods to local customers. The company uses a mobile app to receive orders and dispatch drivers. Postmates jobs are available in many cities around the U.S.

Facts About Working at Postmates

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Postmates?)

Available Positions: Courier, Customer Service Professional

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

The Postmates service works by enabling customers to order and pay through the app. Drivers receive the orders and deliver them in a timely fashion. Each transaction includes a service charge and customers have the option to tip.

The company hires frequently around the country. Drivers work on their own schedule and earnings rely on how many deliveries they make. Interested candidates can fill out a Postmates job application online.

Postmates Job Information

A Postmates job is ideal for those looking for flexibility and good pay. People of all backgrounds and careers receive offers from the company. Keep in mind that drivers must have a valid license and reliable transportation.


  • Couriers use any form of transportation to deliver goods to Postmates customers.
  • They work in a designated area and travel on foot or by bike, car, or scooter.
  • Pay varies based on location and number of deliveries.
  • Some workers’ pay rates can reach $25.00 an hour.

Customer Service Professional

  • These employees earn about $16.00 in hourly wages.
  • This job is ideal for those who enjoy working with computers to help others.
  • Workers resolve customer complaints effectively using company technology.
  • They may have to work nights, weekends, or holidays.

Tips for Applying

The company may run a background check on potential hires. Entry-level applicants should list any driving experience when completing a Postmates application. Doing this will aid in the hiring process.

Postmates Application Status

Candidates who apply online can fill out a Postmates job application form on the website. Then they can contact the company to check on their status. Most hear back within a few days or weeks depending on approval.

Postmates Job Benefits

Those working Postmates jobs as drivers serve as their own bosses and can work any schedule. Since income depends on deliveries, no time off is paid.

Full-time employees may be able to receive:

  • 401(k) plans,
  • Healthcare coverage, or life insurance.

However, these employment benefits are not currently available for drivers.

More Details on Postmates

The company started in 2011 and keeps growing. Founded in California, Postmates jobs are now available in most major cities. They are a perfect way to make some money part-time.

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