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Potbelly Sandwich Works began serving original and classic sub sandwiches to the public in 1977. Growing in popularity, the company went public with an IPO in 2013. The restaurant currently boasts around 300 locations within the United States and takes in around $300 million per year in revenue.

Facts About Working at Potbelly Sandwich Works

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Potbelly Sandwich Works?)

Available Positions: Delivery Biker, Delivery Driver, Musician, Crew Member, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, General Manager, District Manager, Market Manager, Caterer, Accountant, Lawyer, Information Technology Associate, Administrator, Caterer, Human Resources Associate, Marketer, Supply Chain Manager, Call Center Representative

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Potbelly Sandwich Works Job Opportunities

Jobs continue to multiply for individuals seeking restaurant and customer service work. Employment hopefuls enjoy many opportunities to find entry-level and career-track options with the fast-casual chain, while most available jobs persist in the array of restaurant locations. Sandwich shop associates remain responsible for the overall treatment of customers. Ideal workers possess friendly people skills and sustain upbeat attitudes during shifts. Recruiters seek individuals displaying thirst for knowledge and offer training for workers exuding potential yet lacking experience.

Potbelly offers ample room for advancement to job seekers dedicated to hardwork and achieving career goals. An extensive line of promotions begins at the associate level. Workers may move through shift lead and assistant manager positions to eventually become general managers. Associates demonstrating further value may receive promotion to district manager, market manager, and finally zone manager. Salary packages increase commensurate with responsibility. Seniority also determines full- and part-time roles, shift selection, and holiday hours.

Potbelly Sandwich Works Openings and Pay

The minimum age requirement stands at 16, although management roles require individuals at least 18. Managerial candidates may also need to produce education or experience-equivalent credentials. Some locations require food safety certifications within 30 days of employment. The following jobs prove regularly accessible for qualified job hunters:


  • Workers must remain familiar with Potbelly history, prepare quality food, adhere to health and safety standards, and maintain clean personal hygiene.
  • Generally, associates possess outgoing, friendly personalities and demonstrate willingness to exert extra effort to satisfy customer needs.
  • The training program allows associates to work food prep, on the line, and at registers.
  • Daily tasks for associates consist of restocking products, filling catering orders, participating in cleaning maintenance, and completing phone orders.
  • Essential physical standards include the ability to stand for at least three consecutive hours and lift up to 10 pounds with frequency.
  • Associates typically make around minimum wage and may receive raises via promotion.


  • Unique to the Potbelly experience, musicians play popular songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
  • Strictly a contractual job, the musician employment opportunity requires individuals to know at least 20 songs.
  • The position also demands excellent singing and instrument playing ability.
  • Wages vary between locations with negotiations depending on levels of expertise.
  • Shows remain scheduled intermittently and remain regular for musicians drawing crowds.
  • Interested individuals may contact desired locations to set up auditions.

Delivery Driver

  • Swift and friendly food delivery persists as the main function of delivery drivers.
  • As no manager stands present during customer interaction, drivers must become well-versed in customer complaint resolution.
  • The sandwich company hires efficient, safe drivers and requires individuals to lift up to 50 pounds, withstand cold and hot temperatures, stand or walk for long durations, and work with potential allergens.
  • In addition to meeting the minimum age of 18, worker requirements consist of owning a vehicle, possessing a valid license, a clean driving record, and proof of insurance.
  • During slower business hours, drivers assume associate roles.
  • With supplemental income through tips, delivery drivers may expect hourly wages around state minimums.

Tips For Applying

The company career portal provides applicants with the option to create employment profiles through various social media outlets. Aspirants may apply in person, as well, and receive the benefit of meeting hiring managers. Marking open schedule availability attracts attention as well as indicating length of planned stay. Applicants turning in application forms to restaurant locations should dress appropriately and ask for the manager-on-duty. Remember to speak clearly and exude a professional and friendly demeanor. Maintain eye-contact and display meaningful interest for the open position.

Application Status

Candidates with online profiles may easily check application statuses. However, calling hiring managers remains ideal for job hopefuls applying online and in person. Placing a phone call shows dedication to obtaining personal and professional goals. Hiring faculty sometimes wait for applicants to call before scheduling interviews. After submitting applications, workers report interview offers happening within a week and job offers within two weeks of subsequent interviews. Times vary depending on location need for workers and volume of applicants.

Benefits of Working at Potbelly Sandwich Works

In addition to competitive compensation packages and employee food discounts during shifts, job benefits packages include generous medical, dental, vision, and short- and long-term disability insurance plans. Work benefits also entail free basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment along with voluntary life and dependent life insurance options.

  • 401(k) retirement plans remain available for eligible workers with company-match assistance.
  • Paid time off, transportation, and employee assistance programs also persist for associates.
  • Additionally, Potbelly provides domestic-partner benefits and flexible spending accounts.
  • Job benefits also include discount programs for cellular plans and pet insurance.

Further Details about Potbelly Sandwich Works

The sandwich shop chain focuses on reducing the company footprint on the environment. As part of the Green Initiatives, Potbelly recycles in around 70% of locations, uses compostable and recyclable products, and reduces energy consumption. By switching to fluorescent lamps, the company reduced electricity consumption up to 20%. Furthermore, the restaurant chain employs the use of energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, EPA approved cleaning chemicals, and paint low in volatile organic compounds.

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