Pottery Barn Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn holds frequent interview sessions to determine whether applicants meet the hiring needs of the renowned home furnishings retailer. The subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma most frequently interviews candidates applying for sales associate and retail management positions at Pottery Barn stores. Depending on the job title pursued and the specific store location, Pottery Barn interviewees may attend numerous rounds of 1:1 and group interviews. Pottery Barn generally uses group interview sessions to evaluate entry-level applicants and typically interviews potential managers individually. Entry-level job seekers interviewing at certain Pottery Barn locations also meet with hiring officials one-on-one in some cases.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Like many retailers, Pottery Barn often puts the selling abilities of interviewees to the test through a basic, interactive roleplaying activity. Interviewers will frequently pick out a piece of Pottery Barn merchandise or furniture and ask applicants to make an impromptu sales pitch centered on the selected item. In addition to testing selling skills, Pottery Barn hiring managers often want to know what a former boss would say about an applicant, how candidates see themselves fitting into the company, and whether interviewees have experience in or passion for decorating.

Possible Interview Questions

Pottery Barn interviews are known for sometimes featuring eccentric questions, like:

  • "If you could be any animal, what would you be?"
  • "If I was a genie and could give you your dream job, what and where would it be?"
Entry-level and managerial candidates alike often go through multiple rounds of Pottery Barn interviews, though some applicants only have to interview once.

How to Stand Out

As a specialty retailer of fine home furnishings, Pottery Barn maintains a more refined, upscale image within the home decor retail industry. Demonstrate compatibility with the Pottery Barn image by wearing fashionable attire slightly more formal than business-casual. Make a point to show passion for decorating and devotion to the Pottery Barn brand during the interview in order to establish suitability for the job. The Pottery Barn interview process typically wraps up in about two to six weeks for most applicants.


  • Bob says:

    Be ready to tell them something about yourself but dont get too personal. for example, telling about the time you and your girlfriend went on vacation and relating it to something you think is relevant at the moment is too personal…

  • Christine says:

    I was wondering does Pottery Barn holiday help usually give you a math test before they hire you? Are you required to get so many right before they hire you?

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