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Value-focused supermarket chain Price Chopper maintains a network of over 130 locations across New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The sizable grocery store chain employs thousands of workers companywide and looks to add enthusiastic and qualified workers on a regular basis. Job seekers across the Northeastern United States may discover an abundance of rewarding careers with the regional chain.

Facts About Working at Price Chopper

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Price Chopper?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Bagger, Baker, Food Clerk, Meat Clerk, Stock Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Price Chopper Job Opportunities

Entry-level work hopefuls may find excellent careers in frontend, stocking, or one of the many specialty departments featured at Price Chopper stores. Experienced leaders may gain management roles by joining the ever-growing network of locations, as well. All job opportunities remain accessible online, where candidates may apply for jobs by filling out simple applications. Most jobs require applicants to stand at least 15 years of age for hiring consideration, although age requirements typically vary store to store.

Candidates looking to build rewarding careers should take active interest in the Northeast grocery store chain. Price Chopper remains focused on employee success and offers excellent career paths for motivated associates. For example, an entry-level worker may start out in a deli clerk position and, through continued training and support, advance to become a deli manager. Beyond managerial opportunities, employees may take advantage of managerial training opportunities to advance into positions like perishable manager or eventually progress into the company main offices as the vice president of perishables.

Price Chopper Positions and Pay Scales

Dozens of entry-level jobs exist across departments like bakery, deli, and food services, frontend, loss prevention, meat, and pharmacy. Pay scales vary by department, but all associates earn competitive hourly wages with ample opportunities for raises. Each department includes management positions, as well, which pay handsome salary options. The grocery retail chain also offers careers in warehouse, distribution, and transportation. Store jobs remain the most commonly sought after within the company. Popular Price Chopper careers include:


  • A frontend position, cashier jobs require workers to provide prompt, friendly help while assisting customers during checkout.
  • Cashiers must quickly and efficiently scan and weigh items and collect payments.
  • Additionally, cashiers need to promote add-on items and maintain clean, well-organized frontend checkout lanes.
  • Price Choppers looks to hire applicants who exude excellent customer care, as cashier may need to assist shoppers with locating items on the sale floor and resolve customer issues.
  • A cashier makes between $8.00 and $10.00 an hour.

Meat Cutter

  • Meat cutters provide fast and friendly service and cut meats in accordance with trim, size, and shape guidelines.
  • Knives, saws, cubers, and grinders must be skillfully used to trim and cut meat to specifications.
  • After workers cut meats, employees must properly wrap, weigh, and label meat merchandise.
  • Quality proves important at Price Chopper, and meat cutters must ensure meat freshness by adhering to outlined sanitation and temperature guidelines.
  • Maintaining appropriate visual presentation for meats also stands key to the role.
  • Meat cutter jobs require candidates to possess meat cutting certification or six to twelve months of experience.
  • Meat cutters usually make about $12.00 to $14.00 an hour.

Store Manager

  • Store managers oversee store operations and ensure customers receive excellent service.
  • Specific areas of responsibility and accountability include store finances, health and safety, and labor management.
  • Managers ensure store compliance with all initiatives and regulations by working closely with department managers to reach goals.
  • Store managers may earn salary options anywhere between $30,000 and $80,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

New England grocery store chain Price Chopper maintains dozens of locations and regularly onboards new staff. Applicants locate supermarket jobs through the company website or in store. The careers webpage is one of the best options to find jobs and offers detailed positions descriptions. Online hiring forms also provide low-stress time tables to complete the required documents. Physically capable and outgoing individuals often perform best during the application process, as most positions for hire incorporate manual labor and aspects of customer service. Management consider scheduling, as well.

Application Status

Turnaround for cashier or clerk positions usually happens within a day or two of submitting applications. Supervisory and managerial roles often take longer deliberations and place candidates in one-to-two week time tables for hiring consideration. Fluctuating employment needs may result in sudden removal from contention for jobs; however, the chain keeps applications on file for several weeks after submission. Job hopefuls may reach out to management at any time to inquire about subsequent vacancies or reiterate expressed intentions of joining company staffs. Regardless of outcomes, aspiring employees should wait at least 24 to 36 hours to contact managers about application statuses.

Benefits of Working at Price Chopper

Price Chopper values the well-being of employees. Full-time workers and eligible part-time associates enjoy comprehensive job benefits packages consisting of health, retirement, paid time off, and personal growth benefits. Health benefits include:

  • Customizable medical
  • Dental, and
  • Vision plans along with life insurance coverage

For retirement savings, the chain offers 401(k) plans with profit sharing options. Paid time off benefits include six paid holidays plus birthdays along with personal time and the ability to purchased additional vacation time. For personal growth and development, the grocery store provides tuition reimbursement and company-sponsored fitness programs. All associates may enjoy banking services via the Price Chopper Employees Federal Credit Union, or the P.C.E.F.C.U. Chiefly, employees utilize checking, savings, auto loan, and mortgage services.

Additional Information on Price Chopper

Price Chopper stands committed to giving customers great deals. To keep customers abreast on savings, the regional supermarket offers print and digital weekly ads and email updates for current and upcoming promotions. To further add to customer savings, Price Chopper offers coupons accessible online or in newspapers. The chain also provides customers with the AdvantEdge Card, which provides further discounts as well as fuel perks. With continued spending, customers may earn points to buy high-quality cookware. The AdvantEdge card also gives customers access to discounts on local attractions and events and also allows customers to track and manager their savings online.

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