PriceRite Interview Questions & Tips

Company Overview

PriceRite currently manages and maintains more than 50 locations in the Northeast United States. The company continues to add more supermarkets throughout states like Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Both new and existing stores need new staff members for numerous part-time and full-time employment opportunities. The supermarket chain routinely administers job interviews where store managers meet with and screen multiple applicants to find the best candidates available.

One-On-One or Group Interviews

Each grocery store chooses the best job interview format based on the position and the amount of applicants. Entry-level work usually requires a one-on-one session with a store manager. If there is a surplus of applicants, a group interview may be held instead.

Managerial Interviews

Candidates applying for management work usually undergo a panel interview and leadership assessment. Many questions cover how well the interviewee can handle retail working conditions, such as interaction with customers and coworkers.

Interview Topics to Expect

Interviewers ask questions based off information received with applicant hiring materials, such as availability, job history, and personal skills. PriceRite wants new associates who demonstrate hard work and promote good customer service values.


  • job Scout says:

    all you have indicated is what you want, not what you can offer. Think carefully about what skills and abilities you can actually bring to the role

  • beth says:

    Do they drug test for stocking?

  • jane boones says:

    How much does shoprite pay entry-level employees?

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