Princess Cruises Interview Questions & Tips

Company Overview

Princess Cruises takes pride in sailing to popular and exotic destinations, like Alaska, Mexico, South America, and areas throughout the Caribbean. The luxury cruise line ensures guests enjoy modern amenities and courteous service from ship staff. The Princess Cruises hiring process primarily screens for individuals able to live up to the reputations built by the travel company.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

Workers should promote fun and relaxation while working tirelessly in order to provide exceptional and memorable services. Using a tiered interview process, Princess Cruises sifts through applicant information and selects individuals who best represent the company core values and expectations of services. Human resources representatives head Princess Cruises job interviews, with the average applicant sitting through multiple face-to-face interviews following preliminary phone screenings.

One-On-One and Group Interviews

Depending on the position desired, Princess Cruises interviews may take the form of one-on-one or group sessions. Entry-level workers often begin the face-to-face interview phase of the Princess Cruises hiring process with group interviews and then work up to one-to-one interviews based on performance. During group interview sessions, Princess Cruises applicants meet with hiring personnel, along with up to 20 or 30 other aspiring employees, to go over basic desires to work for the cruise line.

Common Interview Questions

Job seekers may need to respond to interview questions like:

  • "What specifically interests you about working for Princess Cruises?"
  • "How have previous jobs prepared you to work here?"
Applicants typically receive a few minutes to come up with answers before standing before the group to formally address the Princess Cruises interview questions individually. Successful group interview participants receive phone calls or email notification of advancement to subsequent rounds.

Second Interviews

The second round of the Princess Cruises interview process includes more detailed questioning. Managerial candidates often meet with multiple HR reps simultaneously during the second phase of the Princess Cruises hiring process, while entry-level workers generally meet with a single representative. The round features intensive screening, including prompts and queries into abilities to carry out job duties and behavioral interview questions used to gather information regarding personality and potential decision-making while on the job.

Situational Interview Questions

Examples of Princess Cruises interview questions include:

  • "If a patron needed a door unlocked, another needed bags carried, and a third had a slight medical issue to address, how would you go about assisting each guest?"
  • "Are you willing to work overtime in order to finish an assigned task?"
  • "If a guest gives you a hard time, how do you handle the situation without making the individual more upset?"
Other Princess Cruises interview questions contain inquiries into work history, related job skills, and availability. Applicants should keep in mind that most positions involve spending multiple months at sea. Seasickness and inability to be apart from family for extended periods of time should be addressed during the second round of Princess Cruises job interviews.

What to Wear

Professional suits or dresses and exceptional grooming prove absolutely advantageous for prospective Princess Cruises employees. Workers need to embody the clean and orderly look of Princess cruise ships in order to work aboard the luxury liners. Neat, tidy, well-groomed, and detail-oriented individuals make for the perfect candidates to assume Princess Cruises jobs.

How to Stand Out

Applicants must also communicate effectively. Bilingual persons able to translate between languages may receive further hiring consideration due to enormous numbers of international travelers aboard Princess Cruises ships at any given time. Show passion for Princess Cruises throughout the interview process and express personal motives for wanting to work for the travel company.

Following Through With the Hiring Process

After accepting an offer of employment, new-hire employees await vessel assignment. The process of assigning a vessel may take weeks, depending on current schedules. In the meantime, employees must update passports and immunizations records, if necessary. The cruise line may use the time to further test workers on skills related to the position desired, as well.


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