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Catering mainly to Hispanic consumers throughout the Southwest region of the country, Los Altos Ranch Markets offer unique opportunities to work in grocery stores boasting distinctive flair and exclusive product lines. The niche supermarket chain hires entry-level workers and skilled managers to maintain existing stores and support plans for continued expansion across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. As the Latino population in the region continues to grow and acquire greater purchasing power, job seekers enjoy increasing chances for employment at retail outlets primarily serving the emerging segment of customers.

Facts About Working at Los Altos Ranch Market

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Pro's Ranch Market?)

Available Positions: Grocery Clerk, Service Clerk, Courtesy Clerk, Produce Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Bakery Sales Clerk, Service Deli Clerks, Meat Clerk, Meat Cutter, Seafood Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Los Altos Ranch Market Job Opportunities

Each store operating within the Pro’s Ranch Markets chain needs prospective employees to fill part-time jobs and full-time careers. The Hispanic grocery store chain conducts hiring for a variety of frequently available entry-level jobs, like cashier, grocery clerk, and stock associate positions. Supermarket locations also hire bakers, cooks, and other entry-level employees to work in onsite bakeries, hot foods departments, and tortillerias. In-store bakeries operate 24 hours a day, creating ample employment opportunities for workers with flexible schedules. Meat and produce departments regularly feature entry-level work opportunities, as well.

Los Altos Ranch Markets also offers management careers for job seekers experienced in hiring and training entry-level associates, supervising work shifts, and generating sales. Candidates with college degrees and relevant experience may even qualify for corporate positions available at company headquarters in Phoenix. To learn more about jobs at the store and corporate levels, gather the necessary information online at the company employment website and apply for open positions by either visiting a supermarket location or contacting the human resources department.

Los Altos Ranch Market Employment Options and Salary Information

Hiring both part-time workers and full-time associates, Los Altos Ranch Markets offers jobs featuring a range of flexible schedule options. In addition to flexible scheduling, employment with the Hispanic grocery retailer comes with competitive pay and salary options, on-job training, and opportunities for career growth. Candidates looking to work for a specialty grocery store chain serving a growing customer base should pick up a job application form for positions like:

Hot Foods Associate

  • Considered the nucleus of each store location, the hot foods section ranks among the most popular departments for customers to shop and for applicants to obtain employment.
  • Entry-level hot foods associates create authentic Hispanic dishes using fresh ingredients from other store departments.
  • Job duties include taking and serving customer orders, cleaning work areas and kitchen equipment, and replenishing display cases.
  • Hot foods associates also maintain the Aguas Frescas refreshment bar, which offers a range of Hispanic beverages.
  • The entry-level job often pays about a dollar or two above the state minimum wage.


  • Cashiers handle checkout procedures for customers making purchases.
  • The entry-level position involves the operation of cash registers and the electronic scanning of merchandise to process sales.
  • Cashiers also clean checkout stations, inform customers of storewide promotions and specials, and bag groceries as necessary.
  • The ability to speak and understand Spanish as well as English ranks as an important hiring requirement for Los Altos Ranch Markets jobs, including cashier positions.
  • Cashiers typically earn hourly pay hovering around minimum wage and often increasing with experience.


  • Job seekers with leadership qualities and grocery retail experience should consider applying for management positions.
  • Working together to lead the supermarket to success, managers execute an assortment of tasks ranging from employee supervision to financial bookkeeping.
  • Managers also come up with promotions and other initiatives to increase sales, maintain store layouts according to company standards, order inventory, and motivate workers to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction.
  • Additional responsibilities include recruiting and retaining employees, supervising and developing entry-level associates, and handling administrative matters like work schedules and payroll.
  • Annual salary options for managers generally start around $25,000 or $30,000 and increase appropriately as workers achieve seniority and move up the managerial hierarchy.

Tips For Applying

The ability to speak and comprehend Spanish plays an important role in working for Los Altos Ranch Market grocery stores. Most of the signage used at Los Altos locations is in Spanish in addition to being spoken by a majority of customers. In most cases, workers must show both verbal and written bi-lingual command in order to receive hiring consideration. Additional hiring points include excellent stamina, basic math abilities, and professional-looking appearances.

Application Status

Like most other supermarkets, the Los Altos hiring process is very straightforward. The average candidate interviews once and spends a total of a week or so in the process, collectively. Employee referrals and experience in the industry may bump prospective associates up in hiring queues. Job hopefuls should reach out to managers after 36 to 48 hours pass to check on hiring statuses. Calling, emailing, or making personal visits are some of the best follow-up methods.

Benefits of Working for Pro’s Ranch Market

In addition to attractive starting salary and pay scales, Los Altos Ranch Markets provides workers with complete job training, fun and festive work environments, and flexible schedules, including possibilities for overtime hours. Career advancement opportunities also arise as the supermarket chain continues to expand across the Southwest. Eligible employees enjoy several other employment benefits, which may include:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Paid vacation time
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Discounts on merchandise.

More Information on Los Altos Ranch Market

Pro’s Ranch Markets appeals to Hispanic tastes by offering authentic food selections within colorfully decorated grocery stores. Each location boasts an in-store bakery that produces traditional Hispanic breads, cakes, and pastries around the clock. Every supermarket within the chain also features La Tortilleria, an onsite facility where employees make tortillas, tostadas, and chips from scratch. Special attractions like mariachi bands and folk dancers regularly add to the Latino flavor of store locations, as well. In 2012, the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance recognized the Hispanic grocery store chain as the Arizona Retailer of the Year.


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