Public Storage Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Process Overview

Public Storage needs individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence. The storage facility chain continually hires help to oversee and grow the company. The approximately 28 million rentable square feet of commercial and industrial space offer widespread opportunities for employment across the United States. Individuals may choose from job options like managing properties, selling products and services offered, or working with customers as a telephone representative. All individuals with interest in employment begin the hiring process online or through an employee referral. Traditional means of gaining employment through paper documentation also exists.

Navigating the Interview Process

The Public Storage interview process varies greatly depending on the position of interest. Property managers receive the most amount of scrutiny, followed by sales associates and customer service representatives. If vying for management, expect a minimum of three 1:1 interviews, including one with a branch manager, a district manager, and a brief interview with regional management. Dress to impress for each interview. Previous applicants cite straightforward, and often scripted, interview questions, with prompts such as, “What are three positives and three negatives about your highest level of education and/or position; how could you have surpassed the positives and mitigated the negatives?” All management positions must submit to drug tests and background checks.

What to Expect During Public Storage Interviews

Positions in sales and customer service usually consist of a telephone interview followed by an in-person interview. Hiring managers typically focus on assessing experience and whether or not a candidate portrays a suitable demeanor. Prepare for discussions relating to past achievements and failures at previous places of employment. Sales associate prospects must often candidly “sell” an object to the interviewer. Prepare an easily adjustable sales pitch that works for most common items. An expressed intent to hire usually occurs at the conclusion of the interview.

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