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Puma, one of the leading sports brands, designs, develops, and sells footwear, apparel, and athletics accessories. Acquisition of Cobra Golf, Tretorn, Dobotex, and Brandon brought massive growth within the company and continues to stimulate employment needs across the globe.

Facts About Working at PUMA

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at PUMA?)

Available Positions: Sales Representative, Brand Designer, Marketing Associate, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Administrator, Auditor, Business Unit Manager, Corporate Social Representative, Customer Service Representative, General Manager, Human Resources Associate, IT Associate, Lawyer, Logistics Associate, Marketer, Product Designer, Product Developer, Product Manager, Retail Associate, Sales Associate, Supply Chain Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

PUMA Job Opportunities

With over 600 locations, Puma hires job seekers to fill varying roles. The prominent retail chain operates in more than 40 countries worldwide, with a workforce of approximately 10,000 employees. Due to the nature of the brand, the multinational corporation appeals to athletes and health-conscience individuals. Workers must embrace active living and demonstrate passion for sports and customer service in order to gain employment. In addition to personal interests in athletics, job seekers must also enjoy team-oriented and fast-paced work environments, as locations traditionally reside in large shopping centers at the heart of metropolitan commercial districts.

Innovative and effective training used by the shoe manufacturer increases sales, service, leadership, product knowledge, and brand awareness. Individuals undergo fundamental coaching upon hire, with emphasis on behavioral expectations and current merchandise lines. Puma values creativity, sustainability, and achievement. Associates must create unforgettable experiences for customers by staying true to the principles of fairness, honesty, and positivity.

Puma Employment and Wages Information

Puma stands as a major multinational company headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. Distributing products worldwide, the iconic conglomerate makes history by designing products for the fastest athletes on the planet. Workers must reflect the focus of the brand and stand at least 18 for full consideration. The most prevalent shoe store jobs for hire include:

Retail Sales Assistant

  • Entry-level sales assistants typically begin as part-time employees.
  • Over time, sales assistants may gain full-time status with experience and proven abilities.
  • Puma retail stores seek individuals with creative talent and the ability to meet customer demands.
  • Duties center on product suggestion, stocking, and cash handling.
  • Sales assistants earn around $8.00 to $11.00 per hour.

Retail Store Manager

  • Managers assume direct responsibility of ensuring stores consistently achieve or exceed sales and profitability goals.
  • Recruitment, training, and development of subordinate associates also represent daily tasks.
  • Managers order inventory, track consumer trends, and drive business.
  • Salary rates may vary between $45,000 to $70,000 annually, depending on experience and performance on the job.

Tips For Applying

Prospective associates should prepare for a multitude of interview styles by creatively answering sales questions. Interview settings may include phone calls or Skype sessions as well as one-on-one, panel, or group setups. Candidates should brush up on company history and Puma-sponsored athletes. Job hopefuls should also consider marking open availability in regard to working non-traditional hours, such as weekends, evenings, holidays, and overtime.

Application Status

Applicants may wait up to several months before hearing from hiring managers. In any case, employment hunters should consider reaching out to inquire about job application statuses. Placing phone calls, visiting retail locations, sending emails, and even mailing thank-you cards increase the likelihood of managers establishing contact with candidates. Wait at least two or three days before following up on applications, as managers generally maintain busy schedules. Repeatedly reaching out may negatively influence hiring decisions.

Benefits of Working for Puma

Within relaxed work atmospheres, employees enjoy work benefits, such as free clothing every quarter and 80% employee discounts. Sound work/life balance and flexible scheduling allow associates with multiple commitments opportunities to pursue other activities. Puma also prefers to promote current workers from within over hiring on outside candidates. Full-time associates also enjoy employment benefit packages featuring:

  • Paid vacation and time off
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance, and
  • Healthcare coverage.

More Information on Puma

Puma eliminates hazardous chemicals from production and manufacturing procedures associated. In May 2011, The Guardian released an article stating proclaiming the shoe retailer as the first major company to put a value on environmental impact. According to the article, the international franchise claimed within four years half of international collections should utilize more sustainable materials. Environmental steward Greenpeace confirmed the company commitment to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals across global supply chain operations by 2020.

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