PUMA Interview Tips

How to Get a Job at PUMA

German athletic-wear company PUMA primarily specializes in footwear. As a major, international company, PUMA operates through hundreds of locations worldwide and needs to hire motivated and dedicated talent to maintain retail outlets. After sending in resumes and other pertinent hiring documents, applicants typically receive contact about potential jobs within a few days.

Navigating the Hiring Process

Many applicants cite the PUMA hiring process as smooth and easy-to-navigate. PUMA uses myriad interview formats, such as impromptu phone sessions conducted on initial contact, 1:1 interviews, and panel interviews, to screen workers. Entry-level applicants generally only run into phone interviews and one-on-one interviews. Managers typically see all three forms of interview formats.

Possible Interview Questions

Each PUMA job interview takes about 30 minutes to complete. Hiring personnel keep applicants on the phone or in conversation long enough to determine eligibility through interview questions designed to gauge personality traits, sales skills, job history, and availability. Questions about specific skill sets come up as important topics during PUMA interviews. Workers often encounter PUMA interview questions like:

  • "What kind of experience do you have selling shoes?"
  • "Do you have an athletic background?"
  • "What would you consider your favorite brand of shoe?"
  • "What do you know about PUMA?"

How to Stand Out

Taking particular interest in PUMA as a brand and having familiarity with products sold or the sporting goods industry may prove extremely beneficial. Experience in retail or in a related setting may help aspiring shoe store associates land a job offer. Dress should be professional, although applicants may get away with wearing PUMA brand apparel during the interview process and still receive similar or congruent consideration for employment.

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