Qantas Airways Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Qantas is a top Australian flight service and the country's flag carrier. The company is the third-oldest airline in the world and has its hub at the Sydney airport. A fleet size of over 130 carries passengers to more than 80 destinations.

Facts About Working at Qantas

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Qantas Airlines?)

Available Positions: Flight Attendant, Ground Control, Pilot, Air Traffic Control, Customer Service Agent, Baggage Handler, Administration, Apprentice, Call Center Associate, Caterer, Engineer, Flight Trainer, Ground Operator, Human Resources Associate, Information Technology Associate, Sales Associate, Security Officer, Contact Center Worker, Cabin Crew

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Qantas Job Opportunities

Ground and Air Jobs

Part-time and full-time Qantas jobs are available for those looking to work onboard planes or in airports. These positions require public speaking and maintenance skills. Some hires are also required to travel as part of their duties.

Opportunities Around the World

While the brand is based in Australia, job hopefuls can find Qantas careers across the globe. For example, the airline stations customer service agents throughout the country as well as in China, the UK, and United States. Relocation might be necessary for some roles.

The Perfect Employee

Those who secure Qantas jobs are friendly and hardworking. Candidates must also be trustworthy. Some workers may be subject to passport and visa guidelines.

Employment and Salary Information for Qantas

Interested people can apply online with the virtual Qantas job application. Keep in mind that most careers require staff to be at least 18 years old.

Cabin Crew

  • These employees work onboard flights to ensure safety and satisfaction for all passengers.
  • Staffers must be friendly, outgoing, and level-headed for this position.
  • Salary packages start around $53k and increase with time.

Contact Center Workers

  • Contact center associates solve customer problems and help with flight coordination.
  • Employees must have problem-solving skills and a friendly demeanor.
  • The pay rate for this position is around $15.00 an hour.

Customer Service Agents

  • In this Qantas career, workers assist flyers with tickets and bags at the airport gate.
  • Hourly wages average about $13.00 an hour, but can increase with experience.
  • Employees may be stationed around the world and aren’t limited to working in Australia.

Tips For Applying

While entry-level jobs don’t always require experience, past work in customer service or the airline industry is a plus. When completing a Qantas application, remember to review it before submitting to make sure there are no mistakes.

Application Status

Ideal candidates can expect a response within a few weeks after submitting an application form. However, some report waiting a couple months before receiving a call for an interview. Hopefuls looking to follow up can contact hiring personnel by phone or email.

Benefits of Working at Qantas

All workers receive job benefits like flexible hours and travel discounts. Full-time positions see benefits including:

  • 401(k) retirement plans and life insurance
  • Paid time off and paid vacations
  • Diversity programs
  • Job training

Other employment benefits like medical insurance, healthcare coverage, and vision and dental plans are available depending on the job. Salary options may also become obtainable.

Additional Details on Qantas

Qantas operates several subsidiaries including regional and domestic airlines. Employment is accessible through both the parent company and its affiliated brands. Hopefuls may see positions for QuantasLink, Jetconnect, and Jetstar when browsing openings.

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