Qantas Airways Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Qantas

Job hopefuls who complete the Qantas application can expect to hear about possible job interviews within a few weeks. Depending on the opening, candidates may have to go through several rounds before receiving a job offer. Thorough preparation is the best way to ace this step in the hiring process.

The Qantas Interview Process

Initial Interviews
The first step is usually a preliminary Qantas interview. This takes place over the phone or online and gives management a better sense of the candidate. Prepare for questions about personal interests, previous work experience, and strengths.

Meeting as a Group
If successful, hopefuls move on to a second round of interviews that typically take place in a group setting. Here, possible hires join other applicants to show how well they work as a team. This is a good chance to show communication abilities and people skills.

One-on-One Interactions
The last part of the interview process involves a private meeting with management. During this step, candidates will face more in-depth questions regarding possible work scenarios and problems. Those who perform well are likely to receive job offers.

Preparing for an Interview

Before Going to the Interview
Make sure you have an up-to-date resume and list of references before interviewing. Print out a copy of each to bring with you. It is also smart to conduct simple research on the company's history and values, as they may show up as job interview questions.

Qantas Interview Questions
While the interview questions vary by position, many applicants can expect general inquiries like:

Those who make it to the advanced stages of the interview process may have to answer more in-depth inquiries such as:

Qantas Interview Tips

How to Act
During the Qantas interview, remember to remain professional and engaged. Avoid bringing items that could become a distraction like phones, laptops, and tablets. Maintaining eye contact and speaking confidently will help candidates make a good impression.

How to Dress for a Qantas Interview
Job hopefuls should dress professional and modest for Qantas interviews. They should also be clean and well-groomed.

What to Wear
For women, dress pants or a conservative skirt paired with a blouse works well. Keeping jewelry to a minimum and hair simple is also ideal. Men should wear suits or dress shirts, nice pants, and a sport coat.

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