Qantas Airways Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Qantas Airlines

How the Hiring Process Works

Most applicants begin the Qantas Airways interview process by participating in a group interview with other selected job seekers. Mainly used to assess entry-level candidates, group interviews usually start with an information session presenting a general overview of the Australian airline and specific details about the position for hire. After dispensing the introductory information, hiring personnel, or assessors, divide applicants into small groups and assign a task for each newly formed team to complete together. Commonly assigned tasks often include interactive activities, like roleplaying various scenarios involving difficult customers, passenger safety, and other issues relevant to the airline industry. Job seekers should strive to stand out in group interviews by communicating ideas clearly and enthusiastically, cooperating with other interviewees to complete the task successfully, and encouraging the participation of everyone in the group.

Group Interviews

Qantas Airways traditionally uses group interviews to screen candidates for additional interview sessions, which assessors conduct either individually or as part of a panel. Usually held immediately following the group session, additional job interviews primarily focus on the personal details unique to each applicant, such as past employment, strengths and weaknesses, and scholastic achievement.

Common Interview Questions and Topics

Interviewers heavily emphasize behavioral interview questions requiring candidates to cite specific examples from previous jobs. Interviewees should prepare to answer such questions ahead of time by reviewing the job listing and planning to discuss professional experiences that demonstrate fulfillment of the major hiring requirements. While pilots and corporate career seekers often remain subject to varying hiring procedures, the majority of applicants encounter a single job interview beyond the interactive group session.

What to Wear

As recruiters evaluate the personal presentation of job seekers during each round of interviews, candidates should dress smartly and maintain a neatly groomed appearance. Collared shirts or blouses, formal trousers or skirts, and clean dress shoes represent the minimum standard of attire interviewees should aim to wear. Female applicants should also strive for understated makeup and discreet hairstyles.

Making a Good Impression

At the interview, candidates should arrive ahead of the appointed time, respond to questions concisely yet completely, and inquire about specific aspects of working for Qantas Airways not previously discussed. The flag carrier of Australia typically notifies hired applicants within four to six weeks of the final job interview.

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