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Headquartered in Doha and based at Hamad International Airport, Qatar Airways flies to over 150 international destinations. The airline has a fleet of over 200 planes and has more than 43,000 employees stationed across the globe.

Facts About Working at Qatar Airways

Hiring Age: 21 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Qatar Airways?)

Available Positions: Cargo Operations, Customer Service Agent, Cabin Crew, Flight Attendant, Technicians, Chef, Sales Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Qatar Airways Job Opportunities

Qatar Airways careers offer exciting opportunities for job hopefuls. Perfect for those who love to travel, the airline has over 170 airport locations worldwide with positions in multiple disciplines. The company also offers tailored job recommendations based on the interests of those who want to pursue a Qatar Airways job.

Applicants for Qatar Airways jobs must meet the requirements for the position they applied for. This can include educational qualifications, work experience, availability, and willingness to relocate. The airline encourages bilingual candidates since hiring managers prefer those who can speak multiple languages such as Arabic and English.

More than 75% of cabin crew employees are women, making it an excellent opportunity for women in the workforce. Those who relocate to Doha for a Qatar Airways career are subject to strict rules for living and working. However, with solid hourly wages and job benefits, there are many reasons to consider the Qatar Airways application process.

Qatar Airways Positions and Salary Information

Starting salaries for jobs at Qatar Airways depend on position and experience. The company pays entry-level full-time workers competitive wages and employees also receive industry-standard benefits. Here are a few examples:

Cabin Crew

  • Workers in this role ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flights.
  • Cabin crew members need outgoing personalities and great people skills to fulfill their duties.
  • Qatar Airways careers offer competitive pay rates for cabin crew workers with salary options starting around $24k.

Customer Service Agent

  • Duties of a customer service agent include checking in passengers, approving documents, and tagging baggage.
  • This Qatar Airways job requires good communication skills, courtesy, and efficiency.
  • A salaried title, the employee salary package usually starts at about $30k.

Flight Attendant

  • A Qatar Airways flight attendant should have great interpersonal and problem-solving skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and no travel restrictions.
  • People who have this role ensure security regulations are in place and make the flight more comfortable for passengers.
  • Flight attendants earn around $25K or more a year.

Cargo Operations

  • With a job in cargo operations, applicants might work as a loading team supervisor, baggage handler, or in cargo transport.
  • These Qatar Airways careers include analyzing handling systems, transporting cargo, and making sure aircraft are loaded safely.
  • Cargo agents may earn between $43K and $51k a year.


  • Mechanical technicians perform preventative maintenance and repairs on all mechanical systems.
  • This career requires excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, as well as knowledge of basic mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Techs might make around $58K yearly.


  • A chef at Qatar Airways is a specialist job that requires previous education in culinary school and experience in foodservice as a chef.
  • They plan, prepare and cook menu items for passengers.
  • A person in this Qatar Airways career can start earning close to $35K a year.

Tips for Applying

To apply for a job, simply fill out a Qatar Airways application online or at a recruiting event. How you apply depends partially on the career you want to pursue. Through the company site, applicants can save specific jobs and view openings for positions worldwide. When applying, remember to answer questions about experience, education, availability, and work restrictions honestly.

How Can I Apply for Cabin Crew in Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways only accepts applications online and in-person at the company’s recruiting events. Many of these recruiting events are invitation-only, except for those seeking cabin crew workers. Potentials can apply for open positions online, although those interested in the cabin crew job description for Qatar Airways who want to apply must attend an event.

Only those 21 and older can apply and be part of the cabin crew. Due to the duties associated with the job, applicants must also be able to reach items that are at least six feet, nine inches, in the air. Also required is a positive attitude, good communication skills, and a solid command of the English language.

Application Status

After submitting a Qatar Airways application online, the status updates regularly. Candidates can check on the state of their application via the company’s website login and see when they are under review, invited to interview, or offered the job. Roles requiring relocation may take several months to process because of work visas.

How Do I Get Hired at Qatar Airways?

Many Qatar Airways employees attend recruiting and staffing events that take place in cities across the globe. Qatar Airways’ jobs employ a dynamic and diverse team of workers, which is a point of pride for the airline. Qatari nationals and applicants local to recruitment areas are priority hires.

Qatar Airways hires workers in many different areas, ranging from cargo and general airport operations to cabin crew. Some Qatar Airways careers are open to nationals only, but most are available to the public. For most entry-level Qatar Airways jobs, applicants must be 18 years old with a high school diploma. Many jobs are full-time, though there are a few part-time positions available.

Benefits of Work at Qatar Airways

Along with large travel discounts and opportunities to gain experience, Qatar Airways careers offer other employment benefits to full-time workers. Positions such as flight attendants, cabin crew members, specialists, and analysts may receive employment benefits such as:

  • Healthcare coverage with dental and medical insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid vacation or paid time off
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Employee discounts and assistance programs

How Can I Prepare for a Qatar Airways Interview?

After completing the Qatar Airways application process and receiving an invite for an interview, it’s time to make preparations for the meeting. Wear professional clothing like slacks, a suit jacket and button-up, or a long skirt and blouse with nice shoes. Answer questions honestly and show enthusiasm for the company.

Hiring managers expect potential cabin crew and customer service workers to speak clearly and make eye contact, so practice doing both before the interview. It might help to look at several practice interview questions commonly asked in a Qatar Airways interview. Remember to focus your answers on the job for which you applied.

Additional Information about Qatar Airways

Those hired for Qatar Airways jobs may have to relocate closer to the company’s headquarters or one of its hubs. Management prefers candidates who are willing to move to a different location for work.


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    Reservation & Ticketing Officer
    To carry out smooth operation of flights, doing domestic and international E -Ticketing, handling of valuable customers, filling and all administrative work of special nature, preparation of petty cash, etc.

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  • Robert Brenner says:

    I was in Doha 3 years ago during the final construction phase working in the tower. Today I applied for a position as Safety control for contractors. You said that I was on the list. can you explain what this means. Doha is an interesting place and a great place to work


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