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How to Get a Job at Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways conducts stringent, thorough screenings for job opportunities across the company. Workers begin by submitting formal hiring documents. Depending on qualifications determined through resumes and cover letters, hiring representatives select eligible applicants to participate in job interviews. Including onboarding, the entire hiring process takes several months. Workers seeking technical positions may spend upwards of four months interviewing and completing required hiring materials. However, positions like cabin crew jobs may only require no more than three job interviews.

Kicking Off the Interview Process

Customer service positions take applicants through three consecutive days of interviewing. On the first day, applicants meet with a company recruiter to discuss basic duties of the desired job, employment history, and related skills. Bring a resume to this portion of the hiring process to refer to while answering interview questions. If Qatar Airways hiring managers find a candidate favorable, the desired worker generally receives a phone call later the same evening to return the following day.

Pre-Employment Testing and Group Interviews

The next phase of the hiring process for customer service applicants includes testing. Qatar implements English examinations to test proficiency in the language and reach test where applicants must demonstrate the ability to physically reach 212cm. overhead. Barring success in the testing phase of the second day, applicants move on to group discussions which gauge ability to work as part of a team. During group interviews, applicants respond to hypothetical situations and behavioral questions further testing applicant customer service abilities.

Face-to-Face Interviews

Final stages of the Qatar Airways interview process include panel or one-on-one sessions with human resources representatives and potential supervisors. The interviewers use the opportunity to rehash topics from the initial group discussions and further press upon subjects drawn from prospective employee resumes. During the final face-to-face interview stage, applicants respond to highly specific questioning, generally prodding abilities related to the position desired in a much more technical manner than the previous group interview. Positions like pilot and co-pilot generally receive even further scrutiny during this phase of the hiring process. Grounds crew also receive a great deal of screening during the final interview phase due to security clearances needed to work airport tarmacs.

Various Interview Styles

The specific hiring processes for Qatar Airways applicants searching for corporate opportunities, aviation careers, or jobs in other airline-related fields may take the form of any combination of 1:1, group, panel, or phone interviews. Job titles with highly technical responsibilities often require actual demonstration of abilities in closed and public settings prior to employment. Applicants must possess the ability to present all necessary documents, including certifications and degrees, prior to the hiring process in order to receive any kind of formal consideration.

Background Checks

The international airline alerts successful candidates through email. The average response time consists of up to 14 days of waiting. Beyond initial hiring, candidates must go through highly involved training and onboarding, which alone may take months to complete. Upon receiving a formal job offer, Qatar Airways applicants must submit to background checks, fingerprinting, and drug screening.

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