Qatar Airways Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Qatar Airways

Job seekers looking to work at Qatar Airways can start by submitting an application. Successful candidates usually receive a phone call from the company within a few weeks to set up an interview. Some applicants may need to travel to their nearest Qatar hub location to meet with hiring managers.

How Can I Apply for Qatar Airways Cabin Crew?

Most hopefuls choose to submit an online application through the Qatar Airways website. However, aspiring employees can also attend one of the company's recruitment events. During these gatherings, job seekers can fill out applications and submit resumes directly to Qatar's hiring team. Some candidates may even receive on-the-spot Qatar Airways cabin crew interviews as well.

The Interview Process

Depending on the position, potential hires might have to go through several rounds of job interviews and assessments before getting an offer. Group interviews give candidates the chance to discuss their experience and qualifications. Applicants must also correctly answer the Qatar Airways online interview questions on airline safety standards and customer service protocol to move on to the next stage.

Multiple Interviews with Tests

Exams and assessments are another part of the Qatar Airways hiring process. Along with passing an English proficiency exam, applicants may also need to perform a reach test to show that they can access all the necessary compartments inside an airplane cabin. Once these assessments are complete, successful candidates can expect to receive more in-depth, one-on-one interviews.

What Questions are Asked in a Qatar Airways Interview?

When talking to hiring managers during Qatar Airways interviews, prospective workers can expect to hear a series of Qatar Airways flight attendant interview questions such as:

At some point during the job interview process, hiring managers may also describe an emergency scenario that requires a quick decision and ask candidates how they would react to the situation. Other Qatar Airways questions may cover any customer service experience that proves potential hires can think on their feet and handle the occasional stresses of an airline position.

How Can I Prepare for a Qatar Airways Interview?

Hopefuls can prepare for a Qatar cabin crew interview in many ways, including:

Mock Interviews:

Forming well-thought-out responses to common interview questions can help job seekers answer interview questions quickly and thoroughly. It may also be helpful to practice by setting up a mock interview with a friend or relative.

Career-Minded Conduct:

Since most airline industry positions are full-time careers that require extensive travel, interviewees need to prove their commitment to the job they're applying for. Applicants can prepare a list of personal traits, values, and examples that let interviewers know that they plan to take the job seriously.

What Should You Wear to the Interview?

Those wondering what to wear to Qatar Airways interviews should stick to professional business casual attire. Cabin crew interviewees often benefit from wearing skirts and blouses or slacks, dress shirts, and ties that mimic the look of traditional flight attendant uniforms.

Length of the Qatar Airways Interview Process

While the exact length of the Qatar Airways interview process differs for each applicant, it could take anywhere from a week to a couple of months for hopefuls to receive a job offer. After getting the job, new hires may still have to wait for background checks and drug test results before they can officially start working.


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    I have called for an interview with Qatar Airways on 15-Aug of this month. I have completed my IATA and based up on that they called me for the interview for the post of Customer Service Associates . could you please advice me what questions Qatar will ask in the interview? Also, is there any dress code?

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    Does Qatar employ people for jobs in procurement and supply mgt or logistics

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    I have always wanted to work as a cabin crew member for a reputable airline. I would appreciate any kind of job that is available, a security officer job. I hope I hear back from qatar airways soon.

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    I would love to be part of the Qatar family as an administrator or a sales executive. I have been working as a receptionist in the service industry. I hope I get called for in interview.

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