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Popular Mexican-themed fast food restaurant Qdoba represents an ideal place to find substantial and rewarding employment. The chain offers part-time and full-time opportunities, with paid training and access to competitive work benefits packages.

Facts About Working at Qdoba

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Qdoba?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Crew Member, Crew Leader, Delivery Driver, Line Server, Cook, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Qdoba Job Opportunities

A network of roughly 640 locations operate under the company banner in both the U.S. and Canada. Each location specializes in fast and friendly services and Mexican-inspired menu options. The quick-service formats and authentic selections consisting of Tex-Mex favorites remain highly popular among fast food diners and lead to sustained customer bases across North America. Recent expansion of the chain due to ongoing and continued successes require the hiring and training of new employees to keep up with customer demands. Locations generally maintain staffs of 15 or so employees to prepare food, serve customers, and ensure patron satisfaction.

Qdoba purposefully opens restaurants in busy metropolitan areas rich with dense populations, high foot traffic, and easily navigable thoroughfares. The accessibility of the chain and quick natures of services provided require applicants who react well under pressure in fast-paced job settings. Sanitation and hygiene also factor into hiring decisions regularly, as employees come in close contact with both food and people on a consistent basis. Applicants typically find work entry-level team member positions. In addition to part-time introductory work, the fast food chain maintains job vacancies for career managers and aspiring professionals across operations.

Qdoba Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Entry-level jobs available impose minimal hiring requirements, including reliable transportation to and from work and meeting the age of 16. Career options require more diverse sets of qualifications, such as high school diplomas or GED equivalents and backgrounds in the fast food industry. Applicants consistently find work in the following positions:


  • Qdoba cooks prepare foods using natural ingredients and standard commercial kitchen equipment, such as stovetops, ovens, grilled, hotplates, microwaves, and fryers.
  • In addition to preparing menu items, cooks regularly take responsibility for overall restaurant cleanliness, including bathroom and dining area sanitation duties.
  • The job title involves some manual labor requiring the ability to lift up to 50lbs. at times and perform highly repetitive motions daily.
  • Cooks work on foot and assume part-time schedules, in most cases.
  • Minimum wage represents typical starting pay for the position, with rises in hourly rates provided over time.

Team Member

  • The entry-level position of team member serves as a main point of contact with customers.
  • Workers in the role greet patrons, take food and drink orders, ring up sales, and explain policies and services.
  • Applicants must present personable and energetic personalities during the hiring process for employment consideration.
  • Some minor lifting and regular use of digital cash registers to process transactions require physical stamina, basic math skills, and experience using computers.
  • Team members often prepare food during busy rushes, as well.
  • Pay scales begin at minimum wage.


  • In order to work as a Qdoba supervisor or manager, applicants must possess flexible availabilities, valid driving permits, and the ability to pass background checks.
  • The North American fast food chain traditionally only considers candidates 18 and over for managerial roles.
  • Some mild-to-moderate lifting and walking around on foot proves necessary to carry out daily responsibilities.
  • Prospective managers must possess motivating, endearing, and thorough personalities.
  • Previous experience in a similar restaurant or fast food setting often benefits potential managers.
  • Key tasks center on driving sales, monitoring inventory, catering to customer needs, hiring personnel, setting schedules, and training new workers.
  • Available career paths include team leader, assistant manager, and restaurant manager.
  • Pay scales vary among the three job titles, with team leaders earning hourly rates around $10.00 or $11.00, while assistant managers and restaurant managers make around $30,000 and $50,000 annual salary on average, respectively.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should consider using personal social media accounts to automatically fill out Qdoba applications. The online process pulls information from social media, such as contact information and work history, and plugs the data into the digital employment form without the need for manual entering. Aspiring employees may also bookmark jobs and come back and apply to the positions at later dates. The prominent fast food chain maintains paper applications in store, as well.

Application Status

The entire hiring process often lasts only a couple of days and consists of a brief face-to-face meeting with a manager or supervisor. Applicants may call or visit desired locations to check on the status of outstanding hiring documents; however, the fast food chain may reach out to candidates before the action becomes necessary. Many former employees cite meeting with management alone as a clear indication of intent-to-hire. Remain patient if the chain provides no word on applications, as hiring needs may change. Qdoba consistently maintains applications on file for several weeks at a time.

Benefits of Working at Qdoba

Regardless of employment status. Qdoba offers associates comprehensive work benefits packages consisting of healthcare coverage and financial planning assistance. Meal discounts and service awards represent standard employee benefits along with medical, dental, and vision coverage, and some paid vacation. Restaurant managers also receive:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Employee assistance programs and stock purchase plans

Long-term care, accident insurance, and life insurance options remain openly available to managers, as well.

Supplemental Details on Qdoba

A member of the Jack in the Box family of brands, Qdoba regularly connects with surrounding communities. Corporate philanthropy includes partnerships with non-profit organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, March of Dimes, and local YMCAs. Company policies also extend into the safe handling of foods, which continue to receive praise from national watchdog organizations like International Association for Food Protection.


  • Lokelani Lockwood says:

    Wow, this opportunity with Qdoba is a good fit for both of us. I have years of restaurant experience, with strict food safety guide lines and quality customer service. I believe in selling healthful, quality meals to people at a manageable price. I have worked with large quantities of food.

    I am looking forward to attending a job fair this Tuesday morning.

  • Valerie says:

    I work a Qdoba right now, and i love my job! Everyone is very understanding there, and were all like a family. I can’t speak for other places, but that’s how mine is. Our food is also very fresh and always so good!

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