Qdoba Interview Questions & Tips

Scheduling an Interview

A prominent southwestern-style fast food restaurant, Qdoba provides applicants with a simple and straightforward interview process. First, prospective employees must submit the required paperwork to a local restaurant. After reviewing applicant information, hiring managers eligible applicants to schedule job interviews. Most job candidates receive interview consideration within a few days of submitting the required hiring materials.

Potential Interview Questions

The company evaluates applicants through basic person-to-person interviews for entry-level line server, cashier, and chef jobs. The interview usually begins with a series of basic interview questions, such as:

  • "Tell us about yourself,"
  • "Why do you want to work at Qdoba?"
  • "What are your plans for the future?"
Applicants may also be asked about past work experience and availability and need to respond to numerous customer service situations. Job hunters seeking full-time positions may encounter additional evaluation methods, including phone screening and online evaluations.

Managerial Interviews

Management jobs typically require job hopefuls to participate in multiple stages of interviewing. Management job seekers mostly participate in 1:1 interviews with recruiting specialists from the fast food chain. In some cases, managerial applicants with Qdoba need to participate in panel interviews and company presentations. Managerial applicants usually need to answer basic questions covering restaurant knowledge and personality traits. Common questions featured in managerial interviews include:

  • "How to you handle an irate customer?"
  • "What methods do you us to motivate staff members?"
Management interviews typically conclude with salary negotiations

How to Ace Your Interview

Regardless of interview format, arrive early and prepared for interviews. Hiring managers at Qdoba look for crew members that match the company core values of passion, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence. Applicants should use past experiences to draw connections to core values. Job seekers should provide clear and concise answers to interview questions. Whenever possible in the interview, applicants should demonstrate enthusiasm to work for the fast food chain. To further showcase interest in the position, applicants may follow up with hiring personnel by sending quick emails or thank-you letters after the final interview.


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