Quality Inn Interview Questions & Tips

Applying for a Job in the Hospitality Industry

Hotels like Quality Inn screen for workers with customer-oriented attitudes during the interview process. Applicants with experience in the hospitality, travel, or hotel industry may gain preferential treatment. The hotel chain also looks for applicants with abilities to work open varied schedules.

Common Interview Questions

For most jobs, Quality Inn keeps the interview process informal and low-stress. Front desk agent, houseman, and housekeeper jobs typically put applicants through one, face-to-face interview with a manager. Interviews usually begin with managers laying out details about job duties and requirements. After that, interviewers ask basic interview questions, such as:

  • "Why do you want to be a part of the Quality Inn team?"
  • "What are your strengths?"
  • "What is your 5-year plan?"
Managerial roles and positions with the company corporate offices require several rounds of formal interviews. Questions used in upper-level interviews typically ask for anecdotal evidence of past work experience.

How to Prepare

To make good first impressions, job hopefuls should dress appropriately for each interview session. As a guide, applicants should model looks after what employees wear. In addition to appearance, candidates want to prepare for the interview by reviewing employment history, relevant skill sets, and the specific job duties of the position desired. Other ways applicants should prepare for job interviews include formulating questions to ask the hiring representatives and researching the hotel. When creating questions to ask interviewers, applicants should think of topics like training programs and career advancement opportunities. When researching Quality Inn, candidates should learn about the company history, current number of locations, amenities offered, and company culture.

Making a Good Impression

During Quality Inn interviews, applicants should always exude confidence and professionalism. Sitting with good posture and maintaining consistent eye contact with interviewers is key. With each answer, candidates want to highlight specific examples of related experience from previous jobs. After the final interview, applicants should follow up with a phone call or email to further express interest in the position and to check on hiring status.


  • Seria says:

    Yes they do. I am 17.5 years old with no experience and I was hired at Quality Inn 🙂

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