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The convenience and gas station chain operates mainly in the Southern United States and appears on the Forbes list of largest American private companies. With annual sales reaching $11 billion a year, entry-level jobs and professional careers remain plentiful.

Facts About Working at Quik Trip

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Quik Trip?)

Available Positions: Clerk, Assistant Manager, Manager, Store Security Officer, Distribution/Warehouse Team Member, Kitchen Team Member, Bakery Team Member

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Quik Trip Job Opportunities

Offering competitive pay scales not often matched by rival gas station companies, the convenience store retail chain continues to grow exponentially. As a result, the estimated 15,000 jobs generated by Quick Trip remain highly sought by entry-level employment hunters. Hard work pays off for company workers as advancement coincides with even better pay and excellent job benefits, which include stock options. Of the many positions available, most involve customer service. With a network of about 600 stores, entry-level gas station openings constitute the majority of accessible employment opportunities.

Retail representatives act as the face of the company, which requires presentable character and social adaptability. Quick Trip actively hires individuals who display positive attitudes and willingness to work hard. The company views employees as the conduit for success and often pays lucrative rates among competitors. As liaisons between the company and customers, sales associates maintain the customer-focused atmospheres required to retain and cultivate business. Gas station attendants may expect fast-paced work environments featuring manual labor duties.

Quick Trip Employment Opportunities and Pay

Offering both full- and part-time employment, the gas station chain enforces a minimum work age of 16. However, full-time employees must exceed the age of 18. Most jobs do not require a high school diploma or GED, while some factory staff members remain obligated to pass further certifications. A selection of available positions sits below:

Store Clerk

  • Part-time opportunities remain strictly available through the cashier position.
  • As a company intent on providing the best possible customer service, associate obligations heavily revolve around providing a superior experience for customers.
  • Daily tasks involve assisting high volumes of customers with purchases and various services. Store clerks must stand through most of each shift, as breaks depend on customer density.
  • Facility cleanliness and inventory availability persist as key responsibilities for clerks.
  • Pay begins around $8.00 an hour and continues up to $11.00, as raises become available after six months of continuous employment.

Commissary and Bakery Jobs

  • Located in various warehouse kitchens, team members accept duties combining both food preparation and quality assurance.
  • As key facilitators of the food sold in Quick Trip convenience stores, kitchen employees must possess abilities to stand for lengthy durations, withstand varied temperature conditions, and follow orders as directed.
  • Workers should possess high school diplomas or equivalent certifications.
  • Hourly pay starts at $9.00 per hour and, depending on experience and seniority, wages may climb to $11.00 hourly.


  • While pay ranges from $10.00 to $17.00 an hour for assistant managers, the company requires a 46-hour work week, which excludes anyone under the age of 18.
  • Duties encompass all aspects of running a store, such as supervision of subordinates, customer service, and maintaining clean facilities.
  • Responsible for all activities concerning the store, head managers oversee vendors, coach employees to sell suggestively, and track profits.
  • Promoting only from within, the gas station grants assistants two chances for promotion before the store manager position becomes available.
  • Base salary options for store managers begin around $50,000 and reach as high as $75,000 a year, although possible bonuses may raise the number.

Tips For Applying

Job seekers must submit applications either online or to the division office. The online application requires about 30 minutes to complete and solicits work history as well as educational background. Additionally, a short questionnaire presents questions concerning personal ethics and work skills. Interviews take place at the division office and include math tests, which require candidates to reinforce arithmetic abilities to guarantee the prospect of hire. Worker testimony identifies the ability to work within a team and outstanding social skills as the most desired traits for new hires. A follow-up expression of gratitude for the interview may strengthen hiring consideration.

Application Status

Selected applicants typically receive job offers within two weeks of the interview. Most applicants report callbacks for interviews taking place within one week of submission. Applicants wishing to turn in paper applications save time by compiling lists of references in addition to work and education records. Calling a local outlet may show determination for employment. Visiting in store to inquire about jobs also serves as an acceptable method of follow up.

Benefits of Working at Quick Trip

Full-time Quick Trip employees enjoy job benefits packages including dental, life, vision, and health coverage as well as disability and sick pay. Part-time workers become eligible for the standard benefit plan introducing the option for health insurance after two years of consecutive service. Other employment benefits consist of:

  • Profit sharing
  • Employee stock options plans, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans for staff members

Fringe benefits incorporate holiday bonuses, credit union membership, seniority awards, tuition reimbursement, free drinks on duty, and paid sabbatical.

Further Information about Quick Trip

Quick Trip proudly donates five percent of annual net profits to charities. A strong supporter of the United Way, the company matches every employee donation. Since 2007, the convenience chain assisted Folds of Honor with over 7,000 educational scholarship awards for children of military families suffering from deceased or disabled parents. Additionally, Quick Trip and Folds of Honor sponsor a NASCAR sprint cup series race once a year in Atlanta, GA, to spread awareness for the affected children.

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