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Popular retailer Quiksilver sells trendy, modern adaptations of athletic and street apparel. Applicants interested in performance sports or simply looking for meaningful opportunities in retail should take immediate liking to part-time and full-time positions available with the chain.

Facts About Working at Quiksilver

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Quiksilver?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Merchandise Handler, Key Holder, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Marketing Manager, Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Merchandiser, Support Clerk, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Collector, Visual Merchandiser, Desktop Technician, Wireless Communication Administrator, Key Account Manager, Inventory Associate, Visual Associate, Network Administrator, Developer, Graphic Designer, Account Manager, Production Artist, Web Analyst

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Quiksilver Employment Prospects

Quiksilver operates out of varying locales. Many storefronts sit inside of metropolitan shopping malls, which provide consistent foot traffic and lead to success for each individual outlet. Other locations reside in outdoor shopping centers or as part of major commercial districts housing similarly popular retail chains. Due to widespread access and brand visibility, the retailer must hire on new workers with regularity. As of 2014, the chain boasted nearly 8,000 employees. Job seekers find entry-level retail-based employment opportunities the most prevalent, with career options in management and the company corporate offices also readily available for motivated aspirants with experience.

Clothing and accessories comprise a majority of Quiksilver merchandise lines. The Australian company maintained close to 500 storefronts in 2006 and continues to expand globally. Applicants looking to join retail operations may choose from meaningful opportunities featuring competitive pay scales, paid training, and career development programs. Workers encounter laidback job settings centered on providing excellent customer service and retaining patron business. The chain encourages fun and lively interaction between employees, coworkers, and customers. Job seekers able to maintain positive and energetic yet knowledgeable and attentive work ethics often represent ideal fits for retail positions.

Quiksilver Job Outlook and Salary Information

Quiksilver jobs represent the perfect opportunity for high school aged applicants, as the chain hires on workers as young as 16. No formal experience proves necessary for employment consideration either, which offers room for individuals looking only for supplemental incomes or part-time hours to find work, as well. While the chain primarily offers entry-level, part-time jobs, the retailer provides avenues for career development and advancement into higher pay scales. Applicants regularly take interest in the following retail jobs:

Sales Associate

  • The typical schedules of entry-level positions like sales associate generally vary.
  • Upon hire, most sales associates work nights and weekends.
  • Regular weekday hours may become available over time.
  • Key duties for sales associates include establishing solid rapports with customers and working collaboratively in retail teams to carry out assigned tasks.
  • Workdays generally consist of assisting in sales, organizing and arranging displays, cleaning and stocking shelves, and operating cash registers to complete transactions.
  • Excellent verbal communicators who go beyond expectations and possess extroverted, fun-loving personalities make the best fits for sales associate jobs.
  • Self-motivated work ethics also benefit prospective employees.
  • Minimum wage represents the average base pay offered to new-hire sales associates.


  • Career opportunities in management follow a two-tier scheme.
  • Workers may rise into assistant manager roles and achieve store manager status through continued dedication to performance on the job, or fill out hiring forms for the individual roles as outside candidates.
  • Most managers work full-time and control multiple aspects of store operations.
  • Responsibilities range from serving as professional mentors and examples of behavior for subordinate employees to staffing, training, scheduling, ensuring customer satisfaction, and protecting against theft.
  • Marketing, sales analysis, and communication with the company home offices also comprise a sizeable portion of managerial responsibilities.
  • At minimum, applicants must hold six months to a year of related experience in retail settings.
  • The retailer also prefers to hire on individuals holding at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Pay scales hover around $10.00 to $11.00 an hour for assistant managers and reach in excess of $45,000 annually for store managers.
  • Hourly pay and salary packages often depend on experience.

Tips For Applying

Prioritization and organization skills bear heavy weight on final decisions concerning managerial applicants. Workers in the running for entry-level positions need energetic, motivated, and fun personalities in order to gain employment. Before submitting hiring forms, applicants should review the company mission and demonstrate the desired qualities during interactions with recruitment personnel. Wearing Quiksilver clothing, preferring the brand over others, or possessing general knowledge of product lines available also benefit workers looking to join the global retail chain, as well.

Application Status

The Quiksilver application process wraps up in a couple of weeks once workers submit the necessary forms. Most applicants receive confirmation of materials within a few days, with desirable candidates gaining interview invites within a week or so. In the meantime, potential employees may call, visit, or email hiring personnel to check on the statuses of outstanding applications. Applicants who submit forms in person may receive immediate consideration and participate in interviews on the spot. Many applicants submitting forms online report immediate responses from the company; however, following up may offset any lack of communication between job prospects and potential employers.

Benefits of Working at Quiksilver

Job benefits packages available to eligible employees extend to dependents and feature financial planning assistance, healthcare options, and work/life balance opportunities. Qualified associates enjoy 401(k) retirement plans and employee stock purchase plans. Medical, dental, and vision insurance plans also remain available in addition to holidays off, paid vacation, and sick days. Employees may also take advantage of personalized assistance programs.

More Details on Quiksilver

A public company trading on the NYSE as ZQK, the retailer understands the importance of global stewardship and maintains a socially driven initiative project in conjunction with sister brand Roxy. Collectively, the two brands operate under the name The Quiksilver & Roxy initiative, which promotes environmental responsibility and provides aid to areas with limited resources. Examples of projects undertaken by the charitable organization include campaigns against the use of plastic bags and widespread beach cleanups.

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