Quiksilver Job Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Hiring Process

Fashion retailer Quiksilver appeals to extreme sports athletes. The popular retail chain maintains a sizeable presence in malls throughout the United States. In order to maintain operations at the retail level, the store conducts mostly informal job interviews to screen for motivated candidates. Typically featuring one-to-one interviews with a hiring manager, the interview process also sometimes boasts group interviews to screen entry-level candidates.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Though used more seldom than one-on-one interviews, group interviews often include formal orientation to the retail chain as well as open question and answer portions of the proceedings. Applicants typically go around the room and share a couple of personal facts to begin group interviews. Quiksilver attending managers then ask workers about potential attributes and customer service skills. Job seekers encounter similar interview questions during one-on-one hiring sessions. Both formats allow for candidates to act in casual and candid manners. Most job interviews last about a half an hour or so.

Tips for Success

During the interview process, prospective workers may wear casual clothing to individual hiring sessions. The retailer allows for more casual dress codes while employed. Workers may want to try and mimic daily garb worn by Quiksilver employees, which generally includes the laidback and street-oriented product lines sold at store locations. Interview questions posed by hiring staff often include very basic inquiries into desires to work for the company and past retail experiences. Interview questions also touch on availability and potential scenarios often encountered during a given workday.


  • Jose says:

    I had a Quiksilver interview a few day ago and all I gotta say is to be yourself. Be relaxed, funny, and outgoing. Wear quiksilver if you can. Other than that you should do fine like I did.

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