QVC Interview Questions & Tips

Questions to Expect

Sales-related jobs at QVC, like store clerk and sales associate positions, require applicants to pass brief interviews with hiring managers. Interviews are usually held in-store and often play out like casual conversations. Questions applicants typically face include:

  • "Can you list three adjectives to describe yourself?"
  • "What is a misconception you feel many people have of you?"
  • "Why do you want to work for QVC?"
In most cases, successful interviewees receive on-the-spot job offers from the national retailer.

Managerial Interviews

Candidates vying for management jobs with QVC usually need to go through phone interviews followed by panel interview. Phone interviews cover job interest, career goals, and basic work experience. During panel interviews, managerial applicants need to respond to questions like:

  • "How do you deal with difficult customers?"
  • "How do you motivate team members?"
At the end of the interview process, managerial applicants and interviewers may discuss starting salaries.

Tips for Success

Job seekers need to show up to QVC job interviews on time. Clothes should be neat and professional, and applicants should go into interviews with basic knowledge of the company. During interviews, candidates need to demonstrate strong work ethic and team-oriented attitudes. Confident demeanors and professional attitudes benefit worker seeking to gain employment. After the final interview, job hopefuls should follow up with a phone call to check on hiring statuses. Successful interview participants generally receive job offers within a week.


  • Dave says:

    Hi, I have an ability test for the warehouse assistant position at QVC.. Does anybody have any idea what I should expect from this?


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