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How to Get a Job at RaceTrac

With over 600 stores throughout the Southern United States, RaceTrac provides multitudes of positions available in the gas station industry. Applicants may submit hiring requests either online or in-person at a neighborhood store. Recruiters frequently contact prospective candidates over the telephone, with potential employees scheduling one-on-one interviews with hiring managers. Applicants roughly one or two interviews, with the entire process taking anywhere from two to three weeks, at most, depending on the position sought. The typical entry-level job seeker receives an employment offer within a single week.

Common Interview Questions

Aspiring store associates often meet with store managers in face-to-face interviews. Common inquiries put forward consist of:

  • "Tell me about a time you had a miscommunication with a colleague. How was it resolved?"
  • "What specifically motivates you while you are at work?"
Though possible to receive job offers after the initial meeting, multiple interviews may ensue before a hiring decision becomes final. Applicants hire may also be contingent on drug screening and background checks.

Interviews for Management Positions

Candidates for management positions with RaceTrac typically experience a lengthier hiring process starting with phone screening and moving onto two or three 1:1 meetings with various hiring managers. The interview process tends to last up to three weeks. Some potential associates may spend a part of each interview greeting customers as store managers would to display customer service skills. Characteristic interview questions managerial candidates face may include:

  • "How would you go about diffusing a difficult situation?"
  • "How would you grow sales at your location?"
  • "What do you think companies, on the corporate level, owe their associates?"

Making a Good Impression

RaceTrac hires candidates who look forward to contributing to a winning-team mentality. Applicants who show ability for consistency, reliability, and team-oriented work often rank above more unproven workers. Answer each question with a display of prior knowledge of the industry, if possible. While some job seekers may receive job offers at the conclusion of the interview process, other candidates may need to follow up with a manager once the hiring process is complete.

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    What type of clothing should one wear for an interview at RaceTrac?

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    Nice casual clothes.

  3. Kathryn Counts

    what kind of questions to ask?

  4. Kathryn Counts

    what kind of money are we talking about?

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    No casual clothing. Nice professional clothing. Slacks/skirt button up.

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    Very simple, easy, direct and short interview. Asks about your future. Asks about previous job or school experience . Asks.one other varying question then your done.

  7. Oscar Hernandez

    opportunities to move to a higher level position are easier to get, depending on your self focus and dedication to your job.

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    i live in tampa florida. where do i call to check on my application status?

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    can i have another chance? im a very good worker.

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    How do I apply? I cannot find a sign in screen to get to the application. All that comes up in the process is a return sign in… I just need to apply for the first time with RaceTrac.

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    What does RaceTrac check for on background checks?

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    Does Race Trac drug test new employees?

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    Does RaceTrac drug test new employees in Georgia?


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