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Rack Room Shoes employs dedicated sales personnel in footwear retail settings. Both entry-level customer service jobs and managerial careers exist with the shoe store chain. The North Carolina-based company hires workers for over 400 locations throughout the United States.

Facts About Working at Rack Room Shoes

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Rack Room Shoes?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Rack Room Shoes Employment Opportunities

Diverse work opportunities prove available with Rack Room Shoes. New entrants to the workforce often seek gainful employment at the retail sales level, which regularly involves effectively and comfortably providing service to a wide variety of customers, including men, women, children, and infants. In addition to retail positions, experienced professionals seeking corporate career options find lucrative full-time jobs with the footwear chain. Company offices staff marketing, finance, and human resources positions to ensure the business remains profitable. Consistent job vacancies may include opportunities in shipping and receiving departments, as well.

With locations in over 30 states, the network of Rack Room Shoes stores create several avenues to find jobs. The company regularly onboards new associates to replace workers lost through turnover or to staff new stores as the growing business expands. The footwear retail chain offers industry-competitive pay, career advancement opportunities, and attractive work benefits to employees. Company hiring personnel often seek out fashion-conscious employment hopefuls to staff stores as recruitment needs persist.

Rack Room Shoes Jobs and Pay Scales

Both full-time and part-time work remains available with Rack Room Shoes. The retailer needs to employ committed team members to maintain a reputation for high-quality service. Applicants 18 years of age and older may apply for the following jobs:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates provide essential customer service as entry-level employees.
  • Jobs involve setting up merchandise displays and stocking shelves, aiding customers with locating desired footwear, and suggesting merchandise.
  • Workers also carry out cashier duties, such as processing payments and bank card transactions, making change, and bagging goods.
  • Rack Room sales associates usually earn minimum wage upon hire.
  • The company regularly hires job hopefuls with minimal employment experience and no formal educational backgrounds.
  • However, some previous retail or shoe store industry experience may earn candidates higher praise over other applicants.

Assistant Manager

  • Assistant managers work under store managers to lead employee teams in assigned stores.
  • Basic duties include providing customer service in fast-paced sales environments, training and disciplining workers, maintaining staff productivity, and promoting teamwork among laborers.
  • Rack Room largely hires applicants with at least two years of retail management experience for assistant manager jobs.
  • Candidates must possess high school diplomas or GED equivalents, as well.
  • Assistant managers earn around $10.50 hourly and may receive pay raises over time leading to annual salary options with prolonged tenure.

Tips For Applying

Motivated and friendly job seekers represent attractive prospects for work with the chain. Preparing effective resumes and cover letters may strongly increase chances for hire. Showing brand and industry awareness during interviews may aid employment hunters, as well. Applicants should maintain holiday availability, as the company typically stays busy during peak shopping seasons. Candidates may apply online or in person to start careers with Rack Room Shoes.

Application Status

Prospective Rack Room employees may follow up on submitted applications to display interest and professional dedication to managers. In-person store visits, emails, and telephone calls generally prove acceptable forms of inquiry. Wear business attire when visiting retail outlets in person. Avoid checking on the status of the hiring process too frequently. Remain persistent and patient. Respect the schedules and duties of staffing personnel.

Benefits of Working at Rack Room Shoes

Comprehensive job benefits packages stand available for eligible employees. Work benefits often include:

  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Healthcare plans
  • Including life insurance and disability coverage, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Qualified employees also enjoy paid time off, including vacation days, and up to 40% off on company merchandise. Rack Room Shoes offers grant opportunities to workers with volunteering interests, as well.

More Details on Rack Room Shoes

Founded in 1920, Rack Room Shoes makes corporate giving a major priority. In addition to local community fundraising, the retail chain supports military, disaster relief, and scholarship programs. The business also teams up with the non-profit organization Shoes That Fit to donate footwear to underprivileged children. Over 89,000 kids received pairs of shoes through the partnership.

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