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Hiring process information for an interview at Rainforest Cafe

Applying for a Job Interview

Rainforest Cafe offers a more exciting atmosphere than many prominent restaurant chains. The Houston-based dining chain looks for associates who can help make dining at the restaurant an event instead of just another meal. Job seekers interested in employment with the company must go through parent company Landry's Restaurant to receive an invitation to a job interview. Individuals lucky enough to receive interview consideration should prepare accordingly for the occasion. Performing well during the interview will leave applicants with greater hiring chances.

One-on-one Interviews

Unlike the hiring procedures of many competitors in the restaurant industry, Rainforest Cafe interviews involve a multi-step process. The company still conducts standard one-on-one interviews between applicants and hiring managers. However, some additional steps of the hiring process often include group meetings, panel interviews, orientation programs, and other events. Overall, applicants should expect to spend about two to three weeks in the hiring process.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Despite the lengthy interview process, Rainforest Cafe hiring managers use many standard restaurant interview questions. Common questions often cover work habits, availability, punctuality, and transportation, among other subjects. Since the company puts a strong emphasis on the ambiance and character of its restaurants, the company desires potential employees who can enhance and thrive in the unique atmosphere of restaurant locations.

What the Company Looks for in an Employee

The family-oriented establishment practically demands that candidates convey a friendly and approachable tone, especially around children. All pertinent qualities like these must be brought out during the interview process. Applicants should realize that being invited to the interview is already a major step forward in gaining employment. Personality and genuine desire for the job are often the factors that ultimately determine hiring.

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