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Hiring process information for an interview at Raising Cane's

How to Get a Job at Raising Cane's

The Raising Cane's interview process can last a couple days or weeks for entry-level positions. Job seekers may apply online or get an application form at the store. To qualify for a full-time or part-time position, applicants must be:

Those who apply online should expect an email to set up a job interview. A candidate that completes a paper application will likely receive a phone call instead. Meetings usually last around 30 minutes.

An Easygoing, Professional Discussion

Most entry-level workers report a relaxed and simple interview. The process includes questions regarding an applicant's character and career plans. Employers may also ask how job hopefuls perceive the company.

Some examples of possible Raising Cane's interview questions include:

Practicing answers to common questions aids candidates in gaining employment. Staying calm in a Raising Cane's job interview shows managers the ability to deal with pressure. Being prepared displays enthusiasm and a desire to learn. These are traits that look great in the hiring process.

How to Dress for Raising Cane's Interviews

Prospective workers often wonder what to wear to a Raising Cane's interview. While very formal clothes aren't required, business casual attire is a good choice. Slacks, khakis, or even neat jeans are appropriate. A buttoned shirt, polo, blouse, or sweater works well too. Always appear clean and pulled together.

Does Raising Cane's Drug Test?

Although the company doesn't drug test, it runs a background check on anyone age 18 or older. The screen checks for prior legal convictions.

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