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A publicly traded fashion corporation, Ralph Lauren designs and distributes name-brand apparel, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishings. Initially funded through a small loan in 1967, the fashion retail chain operates stores across the world and employs over 20,000 associates.

Facts About Working at Ralph Lauren

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Ralph Lauren?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Ralph Lauren Job Opportunities

The company responsible for the Polo name remains listed as one of Forbes most valuable brands. Showing no sign of slowing down, the luxury lifestyle brand plans to continue expansion primarily in Asia and Europe. Growth means tremendous opportunity for job seekers. The fashion retailer offers both career-focused and entry-level jobs in corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and retail boutiques. Entry-level employment hunters often begin working as retail associates. A large portion of Ralph Lauren stores reside in malls, while the few standalone locations exhibit grandiose architecture and art exemplifying the elegant nature of the attire available within.

Candidates seeking employment with the iconic American retail chain should possess fondness for fashion and understand company dress policies. Adamant about maintaining a refined public image, the fashion giant requires employees to wear only Ralph Lauren brands on the job and seeks approachable workers who exude confidence. To help combat the cost of new wardrobes, stores provide discounted merchandise rates for employees. Hiring managers typically prefer applicants with open schedule availability, as new hires usually work evening and weekend shifts along with holidays.

Ralph Lauren Occupations and Pay

Entry-level positions available in boutiques prioritize customer service above other duties. Associates must display exceptional communication skills, show capacity for sales ability, and stand 16 years or older. Although not required, previous experience and high school levels of education generally benefit aspiring employees. The most common entry-level job opportunities lie arranged below:

Sales Associates

  • A typical workday for floor associates comprises more than just operating cash registers and making small talk with customers, as workers also stock and fold merchandise, maintain clean environments for the public, and generate sales through various suggestive-selling tactics.
  • The job description entails the development of store environments projecting sophisticated auras akin to the Ralph Lauren brand.
  • Workers exerting extra effort and demonstrating aptitude for leadership may gain favor with supervisors and receive promotions to shift lead positions or even managerial roles.
  • With commission, sales associates may expect to earn hourly pay between $8.00 and $15.00.


  • The last step on the retail career path at the store level, general manager positions net yearly salary options around $40,000; however, in combination with bonuses and commission sharing, general managers may earn over $100,000 a year.
  • The salary packages remain commensurate with the scope of the available positions.
  • While maintaining cohesive teams of workers, managers must also track store earnings, institute sales initiatives, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The duties of managers often prove demanding, and as a result, assistant managers work collaboratively and in support of other supervisors.
  • Assistant managers perform sales associate tasks in addition to assuming managerial roles in the absence of general managers.
  • Base pay begins at $10.00 per hour for assistant managers and may increase up to $20.00 through raises and bonuses.

Tips For Applying

Ralph Lauren accepts both paper and online application submissions. Current workers recommend using the company website to apply online, which enables job seekers to send information to multiple locations at one time. However, applying in person remains an excellent way to demonstrate social skills and fashion sense early on in the application process. As hiring staff expect store associates to exude passion for the Ralph Lauren brand at work, potential employees should possess relevant knowledge about the company in addition to specific brand offerings.

Application Status

Recruiters often take up to three weeks before notifying candidates of selection for interviews. However, some applicants receive callbacks in as little as two days, while others wait for more than a month after applying for employment. In the latter situation, placing a follow-up phone call should effectively remind hiring managers of interests in employment.

Benefits of Working at Ralph Lauren

Employees at Ralph Lauren stores enjoy a medley of work benefits. Full-time employees may access 401(k) retirement plans, maternity and paternity leave, and paid time off. Eligible associates also enjoy healthcare coverage as well as life, disability, vision, and dental insurance. Workers receive discounted merchandise, job training, and sick days, regardless of job status.

Further details about Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren aids efforts in combating cancer. Partnering with a prominent cancer center in Harlem, NY, in 2001, the fashion company created a facility serving low-income individuals diagnosed with the life-altering disease. The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention reports helping over 100,000 patients since opening. However, the care facility provides much more than just medical treatment or advice. Other available services include preventative measures, diagnosis and treatment, research, and specially crafted education programs for the populace.


  • Daniels says:

    I was a Ralph Lauren Specialist for 4 years. I sold and merchandised Ralph Lauren product. Love the product.

  • Carole schultz says:

    I worked for Ralph Lauren for almost 2years and loved it…would give them 5 stars….the clothes were amazing….best quality ever…. I want to work again as a sales associate again…I left due to personal reasons…..my boss Kimberly pierce was the best…sincerely Carole schultz

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