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An early prototype of the modern grocery store business model, Ralphs holds roots in the late 1800s, which eventually established a large following throughout much of Southern California. As the supermarket chain continued to grow throughout the densely populated region, job seekers found widespread opportunities available through store departments and across all operations. Based out of Compton, CA, the popular, regional chain provides thousands of jobs in many capacities to interested applicants looking for meaningful employment in the grocery store industry.

Facts About Working at Ralphs

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Ralphs?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Stock Associate, Sales Associate, Assistant Store manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Ralphs Job Opportunities

The best ways to access Ralphs jobs include submitting applications online or handing in hiring forms personally to recruitment managers at desired locations. The supermarket regularly hires for part-time and full-time positions featuring varying hours and competitive pay. Applicants consistently find entry-level work as frontend cashiers or clerks in store departments like produce, deli, bakery, meat and seafood, natural foods, or adult beverages. Each department also calls for managers and supervisors to oversee operations, train new employees, and enforce company protocol.

The grocery store chain also features several non-grocery departments throughout store locations. Interested applicants with the proper certifications may find viable jobs as in-house pharmacists, health and beauty associates, floral clerks, and customer service. Both full-time and part-time job opportunities stand readily available. Ralphs entry-level grocery jobs often require no formal qualifications for employment. Additional job requirements typically remain in place for careers in management and other niche fields like pharmacy, floral, or health and beauty services. Specific hiring requirements vary by department.

Ralphs Employment and Salary Options

A reputable grocery store chain, Ralphs stands as an ideal opportunity for workers to find part-time or full-time employment. Entry-level jobs and careers available include industry-competitive pay scales, opportunities for advancement and professional development, and flexible scheduling. The grocer also offers employee benefits to qualified associates. Applicants may regularly take advantage of the following vacancies:


  • Applicants must fall at least 16 years of age at time of hire in order to earn employment consideration for cashier jobs.
  • Ralphs cashiers primarily work store frontends and provide customer service.
  • Specific tasks cashiers undertake include processing forms of payment on computerized point-of-sales systems, applying discounts and scanning coupons, returning unwanted items to store shelves, and answering questions about products and services.
  • Cashiers also regularly carry out bagging and cart retrieval duties, as needed.
  • Attentive, energetic, and consistent workers make for ideal Ralphs cashiers.
  • Associates must also possess the ability to work irregular schedules, especially upon hire.
  • Pay frequently begins at minimum wage for cashier employees and rises to $11.00 or $12.00 an hour, on average.

Stock Associate

  • Another entry-level position requiring applicants stand at least 16 at time of hire, Ralphs stock associate jobs entail lifting, packing, hauling, moving, and arranging goods and commodities.
  • The position often features overnight hours when customer traffic proves lightest.
  • Daily manual labor involved in the position requires applicants to stand in good health and comfortably move 25lbs. to 50lbs. or more in order to receive serious consideration.
  • Stock associate workers must perform duties independently and as part of a team.
  • The ability to take instruction and adhere to company policies also benefits prospective stock associates.
  • Starting pay may begin around $12.00 or more for experienced new-hires, although most inexperienced stock associates earn around $11.00 per hour at early onset.


  • The opportunities in management available at Ralphs stores provide diverse and long-term options for gainful employment.
  • Applicants may find work as part-time or full-time department supervisors, full-time work as department managers and store managers, and even work in recruitment manager positions, which the chain regularly hires for, as well.
  • Job duties historically center on operations oversight and employee supervision.
  • Workers in supervisory roles may spend majorities of given days assigning tasks for completion, driving sales, and interacting directly with customers to resolve issues or provide assistance.
  • Department managers oversee inventory and hiring for assigned areas, while store managers compile analysis and reports of sales, inventory, marketing impact, shipping and receiving, and profits.
  • Recruiting managers conduct job interviews with potential new-hires and recommend candidates for employment.
  • The range of pay scales and salary options falls between $14.00 to $15.00 an hour for supervisors and up to $90,000 to $100,000 annually for store managers.

Tips For Applying

Ralphs grocery stores require expansive teams of associates to carry out daily operations. Individuals in search of jobs with the regional chain should focus efforts on demonstrating accountability and open availability. The grocer places employees in departmental teams, which build on one another to support the entire store. Job hopefuls must work independently as well as in group settings in order to meet basic expectations upon hire. Managers also consider the schedules of would-be new-hires, as the chain routinely places new associates in night, weekend, and holiday shifts initially before moving the employees into more favorable daytime roles.

Application Status

Parent Kroger Co. hosts the online application submission manager accessible through the company webpage. After creating profiles to utilize the electronic documents, applicants gain the ability to check on hiring statuses in real time with the simple click of a button. The Jobs Applied tab takes candidates to a landing page updated as managers make hiring decisions. Ralphs encourages motivated individuals to call, visit, or email locations, as well. Using any of the three follow-up methods creates ideal opportunities to check on application statuses and ask additional questions about positions desired. Allow a few days to pass before carrying out follow ups to provide ample time for processing.

Benefits of Working at Ralphs

A member of the Kroger Co. family of brands, Ralphs provides generous employment benefits packages to qualified workers in addition to base perks available through the supermarket chain. New associates instantly take advantage of options for flexible scheduling, discounts on products and services, paid training, and potential for promotions, raises, and service awards. The Southern California grocer also affords paid time off, healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, employee stock purchase plans, and life insurance to eligible associates.

More Details on Ralphs

In recent years, developing research into human impacts on living environments, both land and sea, leads scientists and many activist groups to push for sustainable practices concerning consumerism. Ralphs understands the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations and partners with non-profit organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in order to improve business practices and reduce carbon footprints. Notably, Ralphs takes great measures to sustainably. Boats sourcing for catch distributed by the California grocer only harvest from areas fully assessed and sanctioned by the Marine Stewardship Council for commercial consumption, which applies to the top 20 species consumed by Ralphs stores.


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