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Operating in dozens of countries throughout the world, Ramada Inn provides affordable and highly accessible hotel accommodations to guests. Due to the widespread presence of the lodging chain, the international hotel company also serves as an excellent foothold for individuals looking to begin careers in the hospitality industry.

Facts About Working at Ramada Inn

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Ramada Inn?)

Available Positions: Front Desk Agent, Housekeeper, Laundry Attendant, Food and Beverage Associate, Housekeeping Supervisor, Laundry Supervisor, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Manager, Front Office Manager, Operations Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Ramada Inn Job Opportunities

The types of jobs available at Ramada Inn hotels usually consist of customer service-oriented positions featuring part-time, flexible hours. Applicants must possess the ability to work night and weekend shifts as well as holidays, as the hotel chain often reserves more desirable schedules for tenured and experienced workers. Employees enjoy discounts on hotel services and amenities, including lodging, with benefits extending to immediate family members of qualified associates.

Interested individuals may choose from a variety of hotel jobs. Work available ranges from front desk and reception positions to jobs in concierge, room service, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, dining, and parking services. Each position carries unique responsibilities in guest-centric job settings. Associates must prove abilities to provide exceptional guest services at all times to remain in consideration for employment. Ramada Inn usually begins hiring at age 18. Some opportunities may require related experience, professional backgrounds, drug screening, and academic credentials, as well.

Ramada Inn Employment and Pay Scales

As the hotel chain expands and renovates existing locations to accommodate more guests, more and more job opportunities should continue to become available. Workers interested in joining the Ramada Inn staff may need to meet specific physical, academic, and professional requirements for employment consideration. The most popular jobs for hire with the hotel chain include:

Guest Service Agent

  • A typical guest service agent works part-time and provides direct service to guests upon arrival.
  • Reserving hotel rooms, answering questions about amenities and surrounding areas, confirming room service requests, and ensuring the satisfaction of travelers remain integral parts of guest service agent jobs.
  • The position may feature varied or irregular hours due to the nature of hotel operations.
  • Applicants must possess schedule flexibility as well as high school diplomas and the ability to lift up to 25 pounds to comfortably assist guests with luggage.
  • Personable and engaging individuals familiar with computer systems and basic customer service practices often lead candidate pools.
  • Starting pay hovers around minimum wage and increases to $10.00 an hour with experience.


  • Housekeeper positions represent ideal opportunities for entry-level job seekers.
  • The hotel chain prefers to hire individuals with previous experience in housekeeping, which includes the ability to bend, stand on foot, lift up to 25 pounds, and push equipment carts.
  • Main responsibilities include changing out linens and towels, cleaning bathroom and bedroom fixtures, sweeping carpets, dusting woodwork, and replenishing complimentary toiletry items.
  • Tedious, expedient, and dedicated workers represent top candidates for housekeeper jobs.
  • Self-motivated individuals who enjoy working independently also regularly gain hire.
  • The average housekeeper earns minimum wage pay at start.

Hotel Management

  • Housekeeping, maintenance, concierge, and guest agent career fields require motivated and dependable individuals to serve as operations managers.
  • Ramada Inn screens current employees and externally sourced employment hunters alike to fill available roles in management on a regular basis.
  • The hotel chain also needs to hire sales managers, assistant hotel managers, and general managers with regularity.
  • Available positions typically feature varying job duties; however, most managerial roles involve coordinating daily procedures, scheduling associates, supervising entry-level workers, maintaining solid customer service practices, enforcing protocol, and delegating responsibilities.
  • Management also takes responsibility for hiring and training new employees and resolving employee/guest issues, when necessary.
  • Most hotel managers work full-time shifts, although assigned schedules may still feature weekend or night hours.
  • Attention to detail and the ability to maintain smooth operations remain key in gaining employment as hotel managers.
  • Other desirable qualities include a professional background in travel or hospitality and possession of a college degree.
  • Management often rakes in annual salary options between $25,000 and $65,000.

Tips For Applying

Hotels like Ramada Inn screen for candidates able to provide exceptional guest services. After submitting the necessary hiring materials to a desired location, each applicant usually interviews with multiple personnel before gaining employment. During the screening process, workers need to show a strong fit for any positions desired. Correct use of industry terminology or appropriate experience in performing potential job duties may help candidates stand out from other prospective associates. However, personality often plays just as much of an important role as skills and abilities. Serious applicants must remain personable at all times.

Application Status

Job hopefuls may apply for Ramada Inn jobs online or in person at a specific location. Handing in the hiring forms in person may expedite the recruitment process, especially if an applicant personally knows a current employee or manager. The entire process of interviewing and onboarding new-hires usually takes about a week. Most candidates receive job offers during the actual interview process. Due to large fields of applicants or several highly qualified candidates, a select few may need to wait a week or so to hear back about hiring determinations. Calling to check on application status represents a routine and completely acceptable means of following up on a specific job opportunity. Emailing management may also work to personal advantage; however, calling may express more professional and immediate interest in the desired job.

Benefits of Working at Ramada Inn

Ramada Inn rewards employees for outstanding service and performance. Associates enjoy industry-competitive pay scales, paid training and career development opportunities, and recognition programs designed to instill positive traits, like self-motivated attitudes and dedication to the workplace. The hotel also operates under the control of Wyndham Worldwide, which provides qualified employees with first-rate job benefits packages. Work benefits available often include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Medical coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Discounted travel and hotel rates, and
  • Opportunities for advancement into corporate fields.

More Information on Ramada Inn

As of 2010, Wyndham Worldwide ranked second in the world in terms of overall size as a hotel corporation. In total, the giant hotel conglomerate consists of more than 600,000 guest rooms, with nearly 900 hotels operating under the Ramada Inn banner. The chain primarily serves mid-market travelers and offers amenities like fitness suites, business centers, a-la-carte dining services, conference rooms, and in-house restaurants. Close proximity to airports and major tourist attractions also makes each location in the hotel chain desirable to travelers.

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