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Founded in 1960, Randstad matches qualified candidates with relevant opportunities and companies. Expert consultants stand knowledgeable about the diverse and changing needs of employers and adeptly choose the most suitable workers for each position.

Facts About Working at Randstad

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Randstad?)

Available Positions: Account Clerk, Account Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Assessment Center Specialist, Recruitment Consultant, Branch Manager, HR Analyst

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Randstad Job Opportunities

Through the internationally functioning agency, temp jobs prove feasible options for new members of the workforce and career professionals alike. In-house positions as employees at Randstad also stand obtainable to qualified individuals. After a screening process and interview, newly hired workers of the agency begin a comprehensive training curriculum to learn how to best coordinate the skills and experience of applicants with the hiring demands of employers.

Randstad analyzes characteristics of three major factors to determine the best matchups for clients. Open hours, technical skills, and commuting location comprise aspects of the job fit component. The boss fit dynamic considers management style, reporting structure, and personality traits to ensure supervisors and subordinates effectively achieve business goals together. The company fit element also plays a role in hiring considerations by matching corporate values with personal motivations to further strengthen the professional relationship. Candidates undergo an involved interview and often take skills assessments to help certify the ideal complement between worker and workplace.

Finding Employment through Randstad

Temporary assignments consist of work contracts on a time-limited basis designed to fulfill specific responsibilities for employers. The flexible option benefits job seekers by avoiding long-term commitment while still quickly finding gainful labor. Temporary-to-hire positions remain even more popular and provide trial periods for both parties while still holding the reassuring likelihood of profitable future enlistment. In addition, direct hire services exist for jobs with few eligible and experienced individuals available. Each application details which category the correlated listing falls under as well as how many hours per week employees may expect to work. Positions exist at the entry-level in addition to supervisory and management capacities.

Pay Scales and Potential Work Settings

Pay criteria comprises one way job hopefuls may search for opportunities with Randstad. Salary ranges varying from minimum wage, $10.00 to $14.00, $14.00 to $18.00, and higher hourly rates organize the varied job postings based on rates of compensation. Applicants may find major prospects for administrative and data entry work through the company, with a wide assortment of accessible positions in offices. Human resources jobs allow professionals the chance to manage labor resources and coordinate payroll while striving to improve employee motivation and productivity. Other work categories include jobs in manufacturing, with duties such as heavy machine operation, warehouse work, and customer service-based environments.

Tips For Applying

Guides to successful interviewing complement offered resume optimization and cover letter improvement resources on the website. Employment hopefuls typically benefit greatly from the insight and useful advice. Applicants should thoroughly read the criteria for each particular listing to identify which options best fit individual skills, qualifications, and personalities. The company regularly adds new and revised postings, which job seekers should vigilantly watch for relevant opportunities. In addition to the notifications of relevant job choices suggested by the website through email, applicants may take advantage of the search engine on the Randstad website to access thousands of listings for potential employment.

Application Status

Candidates may submit applications for positions directly through accounts on the website for the staffing agency or through other listed company-specific options as appropriate. The dashboard feature allows continual monitoring of applications in progress and includes the dates sent and the dates staffing agents from Randstad viewed the documents. Users may also create alerts to find out when work listings meet specific, user-defined criteria, such as keywords and location posts to the site. Company consultants normally respond in timely manners with feedback and remain available to contact by phone or email with questions.

Benefits of Working at Randstad

The meeting of permanent employment goals, the primary benefit most laborers seek, serves as great incentive for prospective users of the service. Many Randstad employees, outsourced and internal, also gain health coverage and 401(k) retirement plans when employed with the company. Workers may become entitled to additional employment benefits through employment gained via the temp service. Many job benefits packages vary by industry and job title.

Additional Information on Randstad

The Fortune 500 corporation promotes global philanthropy through charity efforts focused on child welfare and healthy well-being. While the headquarters of the business sit in the town of Diemen, Netherlands, Randstad branches often reside in central urban locales and commercialized suburban areas. One of the largest staffing agencies in the world, the Dutch company maintains 375 offices in the United States and nearly 1,000 branches worldwide.


  • Reginald Simpson says:

    I worked for Randstad at Melco, a company that manufactures utility buildings. Randstad is a great company to work for, they always paid me on time and accurately. The application process was easy and hassle free. I would strongly recommend Randstad to anyone seeking employment.

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