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Red Lobster maintains operations in roughly half a dozen countries. Job seekers may choose from more than 700 locations to find meaningful jobs in the restaurant industry. The seafood chain regularly hires on new help and looks to fill positions across guest services, kitchen staff, and managerial vacancies.

Facts About Working at Red Lobster

Minimum Age to Work at Red Lobster: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Red Lobster?)

Red Lobster Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location

Available Positions at Red Lobster: Hostess, Server, Dishwasher, Bartender, Line Cook, Busser

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Red Lobster Job Opportunities

Applicants looking for work with the successful seafood restaurant must stand at least 16 years old. The low minimum hiring age required for employment enables younger and more inexperienced workers to find meaningful jobs with competitive pay and chances for professional growth. A typical employee works part-time across four or five-hour shifts throughout a given week. Jobs available often feature hectic, fast-paced settings and strict regulations for carrying out daily responsibilities. Prospective employees must meet and work to maintain health and safety standards at all times to gain hiring consideration.

Red Lobster focuses overall daily objectives on providing excellent customer service. From making foods and serving orders to greeting and seating guests and improving restaurant operations, employees must consistently work toward the betterment of the chain. Self-motivated, dedicated, and reliable individuals usually receive serious consideration for employment. Positions involving regular interaction with customers also generally require friendly, personable attitudes. Careers in management impose administrative requirements in addition to the overall attitudes and work ethics of potential associates.

Red Lobster Positions and Pay Scales

Entry-level positions represent the most common jobs found at restaurant locations. Red Lobster institutes age requirements of 16 years or more for new applicants. Additional hiring requirements may include experience in the restaurant industry, relevant education, and completion of specific training programs. The seafood-themed restaurant company needs to hire for the following positions: host, server, cook, and manager.


Job Description and Duties
Entry-level job seekers may take an interest in hosting positions at Red Lobster. The popular seafood restaurant chain looks to hire hosts and hostesses on a regular basis. Hosts work restaurant front ends. Primary roles in restaurant services include greeting customers, answering telephones, taking reservations, seating patrons, and explaining specials and menu items. Red Lobster host jobs require a great deal of interpersonal communication and patience. Applicants must exude friendly, professional attitudes at all times. Most hosts work part-time or roughly 15 to 30 hours per week. Schedule flexibility and some experience using computers often set potential employees apart from other candidates. Red Lobster begins hiring prospective workers at 16 years of age. The position holds no other real hiring requirements.

Salary and Compensation
At the onset, Red Lobster hosts receive minimum wage for starting pay. Hourly rates may increase with experience and time spent with the company, although strong work performance and merit often serve as the two most common precursors for pay raises. Pay scales typically top out around $9.00 per hour. Host jobs, like many other entry-level positions available at Red Lobster restaurants, generally serve as stepping stones for aspiring restaurant industry career seekers. Red Lobster works closely with motivated workers using manager-in-training programs to mold associates into industry professionals. Career development opportunities often lead to generous salary options and employment benefits packages available through parent company Darden Restaurants Inc.


Job Description and Duties
Red Lobster servers work in restaurant dining areas to ensure the efficient delivery of quality food and service. Workers greet patrons, answer questions about menu items, record guest orders, and serve prepared meals and beverages. Additional job duties include securing payments, operating computerized cash register systems to finalize sales transactions, and cleaning tables for new guests. Red Lobster imposes a minimum hiring age of 16 for all hourly positions. Entry-level server jobs carry no additional requirements for employment consideration, though previous restaurant experience often benefits applicants. Prospective servers should possess engaging personalities, neatly groomed appearances, and reliable work ethics. The ability to work flexible hours in fast-paced environments also proves helpful in obtaining Red Lobster server positions.

Salary and Compensation
Servers at Red Lobster typically receive hourly base pay between $4.00 and $5.00, with additional earnings based on customer tips or gratuities. With tips included, pay rates generally increase to $10.00 an hour or more depending on location and work shift. Entry-level servers who take advantage of professional development opportunities to advance into restaurant management careers often enjoy lucrative annual salary options. Red Lobster also offers employment benefits like weekly paychecks, flexible work schedules, and dining discounts available to hourly workers.

Kitchen Staff/ Cook

Job Description and Duties
Restaurants regularly need cooks and similar kitchen workers to prepare menu items. A popular seafood restaurant, Red Lobster consistently hires new line cooks at locations across the country. Generally, Red Lobster selects cooks with some previous culinary experience, though current workers often receive additional training if employees express interest. Since a majority of Red Lobster restaurants stay open for extended hours, most cooks must stand at least 18 at time of hiring. Ideal traits Red Lobster looks for in new cooks include resolve, sound ability to communicate, leadership, and composure during stressful and hectic situations, such as dinner rushes.

Salary and Compensation
Most line cooks earn hourly pay scales with Red Lobster, especially entry-level employees. Depending on location and experience, wages stand between $10.00 and $14.00 an hour. Apart from competitive pay rates, Red Lobster cooks may take advantage of several job benefits. For example, hourly employees receive weekly pay checks, schedule flexibility, vacation and anniversary pay, and discounts on meals for up to seven friends. Additional financial plans include low-interest student loans, 401(k) retirement plans, and stock purchase plans. For continued health, Red Lobster offers comprehensive medical coverage, including dental, vision, term life insurance, and disability coverage. The major restaurant chain continues to grow and stands as a viable source of employment for aspiring culinary professionals nationwide.


Job Description and Duties
With close to 700 locations, Red Lobster seafood restaurants employ thousands of dedicated workers. To keep everything in order, Red Lobster needs managerial associates at several levels. Generally, workers perform various administrative duties, such as financing, ensuring customer satisfaction, and monitoring sales goals. Most importantly, managers oversee restaurant employees, including the scheduling, delegating of job duties, and interviewing and hiring of new associates. To qualify for a management position, applicants must hold at least a high school diploma, which sets the standard hiring age around 18. Previous management experience may prove invaluable, as well. Of course, current Red Lobster employees may inquire and participate in manager trainee programs designed to move entry-level workers into full-time careers.

Salary and Compensation
Red Lobster parent company Darden Restaurants allows managers to collect competitive salary options and take advantage of enticing job benefits. Managers may earn anywhere from $50,000 to $65,000 a year. Overtime and quarterly bonuses may also factor into earnings. Work benefits sponsored by Darden Restaurants include both health and financial assurances. For example, each manager may access comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and disability coverage. Life and accident insurance also stand readily available. 401(k) retirement plans and employee stock purchase plans make up a fraction of the wealth-building benefits available to qualified workers. Additional job benefits include adoption assistance, student loan programs, tuition reimbursement, and legal plans.

Tips For Applying

In order to make solid first impressions with hiring staff, applicants should dress in business-casual attire and visit desired locations in person to fill out applications. During the visits, inquire about job vacancies and the hiring process in general. Asking questions about the position or potential work environments show enthusiasm and genuine interest in gaining employment. Fill out the application form entirely and to the best of personal knowledge. Once completed, submit the form in person and ask about ways in which to follow up or what the next stages in the process entail. Some restaurants experience severe need for new workers and may hire on help without putting candidates through formal review. Showing up in person may expedite or even increase odds of gaining employment.

Application Status

After submitting the necessary hiring materials to a Red Lobster manager, applicants usually wait about a week to hear back regarding application status. Specific downtime experienced between handing in the forms and receiving a callback about moving onto face-to-face review sessions often depends on needs for hiring and applicant pool sizes. The restaurant chain historically hires on help as needed; however, turnover and other factors, such as holiday seasons and new franchises opening, may facilitate higher demands for hiring new staff. Continue to follow up with recruitment personnel in the weeks following submission of hiring materials. Telephone usually represents the best way to contact managers regarding employment. Workers may also utilize email to make employment inquiries.

Benefits of Working at Red Lobster

Work benefits provided to eligible associates include industry standards like flexible scheduling, meal discounts up to 30% at Darden Restaurants and special promotions, and career advancement opportunities. Red Lobster also regularly provides 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, life and disability insurance plan options, and tuition assistance. Qualified managers enjoy employee assistance programs, specialized healthcare plans, adoption benefits, and quarterly bonuses, as well. Both entry-level crew members and full-time employees receive weekly pay.

More Information on Red Lobster

The restaurant chain encourages frequenting patrons to join the Fresh Catch Club, which serves as a membership customers may opt into to receive special discounts, current news on menu changes and other aspects of operations, and occasional freebies. Interested individuals may sign up for the Fresh Catch Club online via the company website. An online form asks for basic personal information to become eligible for membership. Current members may sign in to check on rewards and insider information as desired.

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  1. Tyrone Seals

    I started off as a dishwasher, a greasy job but I was a very young man. Then I moved up to bus boy on Friday’s and Saturday’s. It was always intense and interesting overall. I kept growing and became a line cook and learned how to season steak and cook seafood. I Loved my time there.

  2. Linda Y. Gupton

    In 1980 we entered the appetizer and drink order on the computer. When we picked up the drink order we entered the computer meal. It was important to serve all food hot. We served the appetizer with bread and salad. At the end of the shift all servers were required to clean their stations and refill condiments. Servers were required to be attentive to their guest by stopping by the tables to inquire if the guest wanted another drink or if they needed anything. Servers should also removed empty dishes from the tables. Lastly servers should always ask guest if they would like to have a dessert prior to giving them the check. I really enjoyed this job, as I learned how to become a team player. It was very challenging when we had 4 servers attending to a group of 60 children and their counselors. Management was very supportive of the staff and helped out when new servers were in the weeds.

  3. Deena

    Can you be 16 and be a waitress at Red Lobster?

  4. Michael Malik Carmack

    how do I Apply?


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