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Minnesota-based Regis operates under a massive parent company of the same name. In total, the chain of hair salons consists of thousands of standalone locations as well as storefronts situated inside busy shopping malls. Such widespread presence allows job seekers to easily secure employment.

Facts About Working at Regis Salon

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Regis?)

Available Positions: Receptionist, Scheduler, Shampooer, Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Assistant Manager, Salon Manager, Administrative Assistant, Payroll Specialist, Internal Auditor, Treasury Banking Specialist, Executive Assistant, Benefits Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Data Analyst, Quality Assurance Manager, Service Desk Analyst, Service Transition Analyst, Project Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Business Analyst, Merchandise Presentation Analyst, Operations Director

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Regis Salon Job Opportunities

An international company, Regis manages salons throughout North America, including Canadian, U.S., and Puerto Rican markets. Each store boasts top-of-the-line hair, skin, and nail care products administered by highly trained staffs. The popularity of the chain results in fast-paced work environments often operating on deadline to accommodate customers as quickly yet efficiently as possible. Precision, attention to detail, and courtesy represent attributes desirable among potential workers for available retail positions. Individuals looking to submit applications should feel comfortable altering the appearance of others and making suggestions regarding fashion and personal style.

Upon hire, Regis Salon employees enjoy ongoing exposure to valuable training and education programs. One of the main facets of development available to associates includes an intensive DVD-based curriculum, which provides visual aids for workers to better grasp concepts. Ideas touched on in the DVD program include proper methods for cutting, washing, dying, or treating hair, skin, and nails, customer service protocol, and introductions to different positions and company cultures, in general. Parent company Regis Corporation owns and operates a comprehensive institute called Sassoon Academy, which specializes in hair and beauty care techniques and provides in-depth orientation into the proper application of beauty supplies and hair products and maintains hundreds of locations nationwide.

Regis Salon Employment and Pay Scales

Ranked as one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world, Regis routinely needs to fill jobs available with new and motivated workers. The major salon proprietor offers flexible scheduling, competitive pay scales, and energetic, customer-oriented work environments in addition to industry-leading training and career development programs. Submit an application to gain access to the following jobs:


  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to work in dynamic, fast-paced, and sometimes hectic settings in order to gain employment as receptionists.
  • The position involves a great deal of data entry and customer service, often resulting in the need to multitask or handle several ongoing projects at once.
  • Main duties include scheduling appointments, greeting customers, marketing and highlighting promotions, products, and services, processing payments, stocking shelves, answering telephones, and taking inventory.
  • Minor manual labor associated with the job title requires applicants to stand in good health and feel comfortable sitting down and working on foot throughout each day.
  • An entry-level position, receptionist pay often starts at minimum wage.

Hair Stylist

  • The earning potential for a Regis hair stylist often varies with experience.
  • In most cases, hair stylist employees make minimum wage, with average salary options falling between $25,000 and $30,000 with tenure.
  • Associates must possess proper licensures or certifications according to state laws prior to submitting applications.
  • Hiring personnel also favor workers with the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays and some clerical skills to assist in administrative receptionist duties.
  • Specific responsibilities center on performing haircuts, which require excellent understandings of shape and color.
  • Hair stylists remain standing for most of each shift.
  • Part-time scheduling usually proves typical for new-hires; however, associates often move into full-time roles over time.


  • Salon managers take responsibility for staffing locations, training new employees, setting schedules, ordering products and monitoring shipments, opening and closing procedures, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Strong organizational skills and either certification as cosmetologists or barbers remain vital for employment.
  • Workers should also possess assertive yet accommodating personalities and genuine desires to lead teams of employees.
  • A typical salon manager receives $25,000 annual salary at start and moves into pay scales in excess of $40,000 yearly with experience.

Tips For Applying

Due to the necessity of certifications and formal training prior to employment, workers should possess required licensures before filling out and submitting application forms. Vocational training at accredited schools or in academic settings remain pivotal for prospective associates to gain full review from hiring managers. Job applicants should also possess open availability and show willingness to work irregular hours immediately upon hire, as most locations give scheduling preference to employees with seniority.

Application Status

Most applicants receive callbacks to schedule interviews between two and three weeks after putting in hiring forms. Workers may check application records using personalized profiles created at the onset of submitting employment forms online. In the event job hopefuls use recruiters or employee referrals, calling or visiting desired locations in person may serve as beneficial means of checking on employment statuses. Dress appropriately when visiting locations in person, as managers often use first impressions of style and fashion sense to make hiring decisions later on.

Benefits of Working at Regis Salon

Access to renowned training programs and the ability to set varied schedules represent typical work benefits employees receive upon hire. Other job benefits available to Regis Salon associates include:

  • Paid time off
  • 529 college savings plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Regular contests and service awards, and
  • Free styling tools.

Some workers may also qualify for healthcare coverage and life insurance options. Opportunities to receive commission on sales or tips on services remain available, as well.

Further Information on Regis Salon

Regis offers a comprehensive style guide for customers to access through the company website. The guide provides detailed descriptions and pictures of the latest hairstyles and fashions. Patrons also receive tips on accessorizing hair-dos and products recommended for proper upkeep and care. The webpage also provides detailed health and beauty tips regarding hair, including topics like hydration, coloring, split ends, and self-confidence.


  • Courtney W. says:

    I’m also curious as to whether or not any experience is needed. I am just graduating high school and was in the cosmetology program.

  • Lavonia Nan Lackey says:

    Yes I have. I was a Master Barber. I enjoyed working there very much, very clean very good management. Pay was excellent so was my schedule.

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